A Skeptic Sold On The Powers Of CBD

By Jayna Anderson

IG: @snowleoppy

Jayna interviewed a 50-something woman (who would like to remain anonymous) about her evolving perceptions of cannabis.

Jayna Anderson: When was the first time you used cannabis, and in what form?

Anonymous Skeptic: The first time I tried smoking weed was when I was 14. I was feeling peer pressure to smoke, so I tried it. By 15, I was smoking on my own, and at age 16, I was smoking every day. However, I quit smoking completely when I started dating someone who didn’t smoke.

JA: As you grew older, did you continue to use cannabis in the way you did at a younger age?

AS: I didn’t start to smoke again until I was in my 30’s, and then it was just on the weekends to relax a little and have some fun with my friends. I had young kids when I was in my 20’s, so I didn’t feel like I could smoke until they were a little bit older.

JA: How did smoking marijuana make you feel? Did you like getting high?

AS: If I could relax and giggle, I loved smoking pot. But sometimes it would make me paranoid or anxious. I hate feeling that way, so I didn’t smoke unless I was already feeling pretty relaxed. Seems that I didn’t smoke that often.

JA: You have three children, all who experimented with marijuana. Did you have negative feelings towards their experiments and usage?

AS: I would get so annoyed when they were teenagers and came home stoned. All three of my children were very smart, and I worried that their new found interest in getting high would affect their desire to participate in academics. I didn’t want them to become typical stoners who were more concerned about how they could get some pot and less about studying.

JA: All of your children are adults now, do you still have the same feelings towards marijuana?

AS: As adults, I don’t worry so much about their marijuana usage. I like to relax with an edible from time to time, and think everyone should be able to have fun and relax.  I don’t like the idea of young developing minds using marijuana to get high, but as adults, do what you want.

JA: Do you use any cannabis products?

AS: Yes, I use CBD orally for my arthritis in my hand. I have also used CBD salve and occasionally enjoy an edible.

JA: When did you first notice signs of your arthritis?

AS: About a year and a half ago. I worked in a print shop, and the daily repetitive motion of stuffing envelopes or cutting paper made my arthritis flare up.

JA: How does arthritis affect your day to day?

AS: It was really painful, and could stop me from working as I had to massage the pain out. I would take Ibuprofen, but it’s not good to take that every day. And that would dull the constant throbbing pain for just a few shorts hours, making it hard to rely on that for pain management.

JA: Did you think CBD could help your pain?

AS: Honestly, no. I didn’t understand how marijuana could reduce my pain without any of psychoactive effects. Now I understand the difference of CBD & THC, and how they affect you differently. But to be honest, I thought I would try it, and it might make me relax, but no way would it reduce my pain.

JA: Would you say that CBD oil has positively impacted your life? If so, how?

AS: The first time I tried CBD was in salve form. I rubbed it on my hand, and the pain in my hand was gone. I mean GONE! It was amazing. I decided to try CBD oil under the tongue, and same thing, no pain! This was the first time I had been completely pain-free in a year. It was amazing. All of the simple tasks I was finding hard to manage with my pain, were simple again. There are no adverse side effects, and it’s the best pain management treatment I have tried.