Candid Chronicle is a print and online independent cannabis news publication based in San Diego, California.

Candid Chronicle began with the vision to deliver truthful, straightforward, blunt news to the cannabis community. Our team includes journalists, photographers, cannabis professionals, industry-minded representatives, and valuable contributors who have a passion for the community we serve.

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As a team of journalists, cannabis enthusiasts, and digital media professionals, we have a unique connection to the industry; however, we are just like our readers. Our team has a diverse background which causes us to learn and share with each other our prospective or knowledge. The industry is also experiencing this clash of information and black market knowledge and experience. This mixing of various sources of knowledge and diverse backgrounds will cause many changes still to come.

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Even scientists are just grasping the beginning of the story of how the cannabis plant can impact health and our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). We are here to chase this lead to find all the new findings within cannabis and report and new developments to you our reader.

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Candid Chronicle is a Google News Publisher, a certification that few cannabis publishers have received. We have a high integrity in journalism combined with our fingers on the pulse of the southern California cannabis culture. As a result of this, we have a unique west coast connection to the cannabis industry that helps us to consistently create original published content. We always fact check our sources and update content accordingly. Also, Candid Chronicle keeps readers up to date on cannabis legislation in all states throughout the US.

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While we do allow conservative advertising on our cannabis news site, we serve true to our mission to provide cannabis news first. To our advertisers, you can be sure your ads will reach the cannabis community as our publication will continue working to spread our hard work in Cannabis journalism.