Advance Media To Host Virtual Cannabis Insider Conference

An American marketing company is preparing to hold a virtual conference to draw people to the cannabis industry.

Advance Media New York (AMNY) today announced the virtual, half-day New York Cannabis Insider Conference on October 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The company is holding the event to help guide people who are interested in entering the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Education

AMNY says the virtual conference will serve as an entry point to understanding the potentially lucrative medical cannabis, hemp, and adult-use industries.

The conference will utilize the Remo virtual event platform, which AMNY says provides attendees with an interactive experience that mimics a live event.

AMNY says the event provides attendees the opportunity to network with other cannabis insiders from around the country.

According to AMNY Senior Director of Marketing Lindsay Marlenga, there was a lot of excitement around the passing of cannabis legalization legislation at the previous event.

AMNY says more than 400 people from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, California, Texas, and Illinois attended last year’s event.

“Attendees were sponges for information and were focused on the impact of the legislation on the future of New York State business,” says Marlenga. “Now there is a lot of anticipation around what the next release of information will look like. We (AMNY) hope the October NY Cannabis Insider Conference provides some ideas and inspiration on how to keep moving forward with your big cannabis industry ideas as new statewide information becomes available.”

While some information sessions and panel discussion topics have yet to be determined, AMNY says they will focus on key topics related to cannabis legislation, regulation, and business.

AMNY says the conference will focus on setting key aspects of cannabis businesses in motion while waiting for the New York State Cannabis Commission to move the industry forward.

The New York Cannabis Insider Conference schedule will offer 4-5 virtual networking sessions and provide attendees with time to meet and share information.

Early bird tickets are available for $45 through October 1, and regular price tickets will be available through October 28.

People interested in purchasing tickets or becoming a sponsor can visit the official website.

In addition to the October conference in New York, there is also a New Jersey Cannabis Insider Conference scheduled for September 23 and a Cannabis Insider New England Conference scheduled for November 10.