Agrify Unveils New Short Path Thin Distillation System

A Massachusetts cultivation and extraction solutions company has released a new distillation system that features increased production capabilities.

Today, Billerica-based Agrify unveiled its CannaBeast 13 short path, thin distillation system through its Lab Society subsidiary.

Agrify says Lab Society, which it acquired in February, partnered with InCon Process Systems to bring the Cannabeast 13 to market.

Advanced Distillation

The company describes its new system’s flexibility, ease of use, consistency, quality, and dependability as “unprecedented.”

Agrify says the CannaBeast 13, which features pharma-grade 316 stainless steel, 13 has the largest feed tank in its class for increased batch size and doubled evaporator efficiency.

According to Agrify, the CannaBeast 13 requires fewer people to operate while increasing production to 35-45 kilograms of distillate in eight hours.

Agrify says the system features a short path from evaporation to re-condensation, reducing pressure drops between the two areas.

Consequently, operators can distill thermally-sensitive compounds effectively and efficiently.

Agrify says the short time inside the system allows operators to distill and separate compounds quickly without degrading thermally-sensitive compounds.

Agrify CEO Raymond Chang says more people will use distilled products as cannabis consumption gains acceptance and new markets emerge.

Chang says distilled products facilitate cannabinoid isolation and recombination for various products.

“Since last September, we have methodically acquired four of the most innovative and promising extraction companies, each with their own unique capabilities,” says Chang. “Enabling operators to leverage our solutions to produce the highest quality and widest range of extracted cannabis products at scale. The CannaBeast 13 from Lab Society represents the pinnacle of short path, thin film distillation system technology, with a robust feature set that ensures unrivaled efficiency, versatility, consistency, and quality, and we look forward to exceeding our customers’ expectations through this amazing system.”

Increased Production

Agrify says thin-film units increase production speed with a smaller footprint than batch systems because they can run continuously and distill thermally-sensitive compounds more efficiently.

According to the company, the Cannabeast 13’s synthetic fluoropolymer PTFE rollers are ideal for heat transfer, condensation, and evaporation rates as they spread an even film across the inner surface area.

Agrify also says the system’s dual-pump manifold helps maintain flow rate consistency, facilitating continuous feeding and allowing the system to process a wide range of compounds.

According to Agrify, the system is ideal for extracting diverse cannabis strains.

The CannaBeast 13 also features EliteLab software integration, touch-based operation, and the ability to collect and leverage crucial data.

Agrify says users can easily and conveniently change system parameters on the fly for feeding different compounds into the machine.

To ensure consistency and repeatability, users can save system settings into presets.