Applied Cannabis Research Launches Cannabis Appetite Stimulation Study

An Australian research organization is conducting a six-month study to assess the impact of cannabis medication in people with severe wasting syndrome.

Applied Cannabis Research (ACR), a division of Southern Cannabis Holdings, has launched a new observational study that looks at how THC-based medications might help people with cachexia.

Cachexia is a wasting syndrome that the National Cancer Institute says is estimated to be the cause of nearly one-third of cancer deaths.

The condition is a form of metabolic mutiny in which the body breaks down skeletal muscle and fat-storing adipose tissue, resulting in a dramatic reduction of skeletal muscle mass and substantial weight loss to the point where even walking becomes extremely difficult.

“This study will be one of the first clinical opportunities in the world to assess and collect data that compares long-term safety of THC-dominant medications against currently available treatments,” says ACR Research Lead Dr. John Barlow Ph.D. “Australia is ideally positioned to undertake this type of research because of its world class healthcare framework and pharmaceutical quality standards.”

The study will help determine whether THC-centric medical treatment can help patients with cachectic conditions experience improvement in appetite and quality of life

ACR on Monday revealed that the medication and TGA SAS-B application process would be fully funded until April 30, 2020.

ACR is working with CA Clinics for recruitment coordination and the assessment of suitable patients.

“On top of the obvious informational benefits of the study,” says CA Clinics Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Mark Hardy. “This compassionate study offers an excellent starting point for patients who aren’t contraindicated for THC to use a medication for no cost for a period of time, while being assessed and monitored in a safe setting.”

To allow further assessment of the continuity of cannabis use in a normal setting, patients will return to a normal prescription scenario at the conclusion of the 10-week recruitment window, with the patient then covering prescription costs as well as doctor consultation fees for the duration of the study.

Doctors who would like to discuss the study further, or have patients whom they feel may be suitable for the study, can contact CA Clinics by phone at 1-300-991-477 or through email at

Recruitment for the study is taking place between February 17 and April 24, 2020.


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