Arkansas Suspends Medical Cannabis Card Expiration Dates, Authorizes Telehealth Certification

Arkansas is making sure that medical cannabis patients have continued access to medicine, and new patients receive certification as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home.

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has announced that it has suspended expiration dates for patient and caregiver medical cannabis cards and will be permitting telehealth visits for physician certification during the COVID-19 emergency.

ADH says that it does not have a list of physicians offering certifications through telehealth.

To obtain a medical cannabis registry card via the telehealth system, patients must submit a written certification form from a state-licensed physician, a patient application, a copy of the patient’s driver’s license or ID card, and a $50 processing fee.

ADH is currently accepting applications online and through the mail.

“Expiration dates for medical marijuana cards have been suspended until further notice,” says ADH. “If your card expires during this COVID-19 emergency, you will not be issued a new card. Your current card will allow you to purchase medical marijuana at your local dispensary regardless of the expiration date on your card.”

ADH says renewal applications are being processed for those who still wish to renew their cards.

According to the Department, patient applications can take 10-14 days to process, and incomplete applications will be returned.

Arkansas voters passed a constitutional amendment to legalize medical cannabis in November of 2016.