Avicanna Completes First Commercial CBG Export To EU

A Canadian commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company has made its first export of a minor cannabinoid to a European Union (EU) country.

Toronto, Ontario-based Avicanna today announced its export of purified cannabigerol (CBG) into the Czech Republic.

Avicanna completed the export through its majority-owned Colombian subsidiary, Santa Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S.

Avicanna says the action signals its first commercial CBG export into the EU and the twelfth market that its Aureus-branded products have entered.

According to the company, the new market illustrates Avicanna’s rapidly expanding international business model and validates its leadership in innovation and rare cannabinoid commercialization.

“CBG has strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it an exciting potential option for formulating topical treatments for arthritis, and muscle and joint pain, as well as prospective oral treatments to address gut inflammation on a cellular level,” states an Avicanna press release. “CBG is considered a rare and non-psychoactive cannabinoid that acts as the precursor to other more commonly known cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. CBG is typically expressed in low amounts in common cultivars of cannabis, however, Avicanna has propagated proprietary cultivars that expresses (sic) exceptionally high amounts of the rare cannabinoid.”

Avicanna says it cultivates its Aureus-branded CBG through organic-certified and sustainable practices at its Santa Marta Golden Hemp Facilities.

The company also extracts and purifies the CBD through a proprietary Avicanna process to provide an isolated and purified form.

According to the company, CBG has the potential for formulation across various delivery forms, including topicals and edibles, for a given therapeutic focus.