Axim Files Patent For Cannabis Chewing Gum For Migraines

San Diego-based cannabis company, Medical Marijuana Inc. (MMI) announced on Tuesday that their major investment company, AXIM Biotechnologies has filed a provisional patent application for a cannabinoid-infused chewing gum designed for the treatment of migraine symptoms.

The proprietary chewing gum formula will be made with cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and an extract from the feverfew plant called parthenolide.

The formulation is designed to treat symptoms associated with migraines such as headache pain, light sensitivity, and nausea.

“As a company of firsts, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is proud to support AXIM as it filed this patent application for the first-ever cannabis-based gum formulated to treat the symptoms of migraines,” said MMI CEO, Dr. Stuart Titus. “Studies have estimated that migraines affect roughly 38 million people in the U.S. and the market currently lacks an effective natural treatment option for those people.”

AXIM CEO, John Huemoeller II says that the company plans to introduce a variety of treatment options into the market.

In April, AXIM entered into a service agreement with QPS Netherlands BV to conduct research on chewing gum infused with THC and CBD.

Clinical trials for the treatment of restless leg syndrome are planned for AXIMs MedChew RL product, and a bioequivalence study is in the works for their MedChew gum with dronabinol to fast-track through the FDA as an alternative to Marinol.