Blueberries Medical Partners With International Research Center On Cannabis And Mental Health

The Latin American cannabis producer, Blueberries Medical Corp. has announced a joint venture agreement with the New York-based International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH) for the formulation of products and development of medical education programs for physicians and patients in Latin America.

IRCCMH creates education programs for patients and physicians and has advised several states including California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Utah on the creation and implementation of cannabis programs.

“This collaboration agreement with IRCCMH provides an outstanding opportunity for Blueberries to leverage IRCCMH’s deep sector expertise to help educate physicians in Latin America and develop medical treatments for patients in the Latin American market and beyond,” said IRCCMH CEO, Dr. Patricio Stocker in a statement. “The agreement will emphasize education for prescribing doctors and patients and provide educational tools for all parties.”

Dr. Stocker says that their alliance will ensure the development of products and treatments needed by the medical community and an efficient process for reaching patients.

IRCCMH Jan Roberts says that their new affiliation will help Blueberries establish themselves as a leader in medical cannabis treatment in Latin America and impact a “growing segment of medical treatment with cannabis” in that part of the world.

The rollout of the program will be done through El Manantial Medical Centers in Bogota which will provide the platform, patients, and other necessary resources and commercialize products developed through the partnership.