Breaking the Sticky Stigma: Mothers Who Use Marijuana

Cannabis being normalized is a massive cultural shift; perceptions and use of the plant are changing rapidly in the United States. The stigma around cannabis use for parents and mothers specifically is tricky to grasp. From weed use during pregnancy, cannabis’ effects on infant development, and how openly smoking cannabis around a child will change their understanding of the plant, our society stigmatizes how mothers choose to engage with cannabis.

Some mothers equate smoking cannabis to a glass of wine, for others it is an effective medicine. Either way you slice it, motherhood and feminine energy are healing, flowing, and intuitive, akin to cannabis itself. With that, women using cannabis and flourishing in the cannabis industry seems like a given. Breaking the stigma against women’s connection with cannabis is key to allowing women to freely use the plant as they wish.

In Irvine, California, The Mommy Jane looks to enrich the connection that women have with cannabis and the changing tides. The Mommy Jane is run by one mother who decided to embark on creating a social media community dedicated to honoring the relationship between cannabis medicine, healing, and motherhood. The Mommy Jane Neighborhood is a wealth of knowledge for women who love cannabis. The Mommy Jane herself is a mother, wife, cannabis influencer, Self Help and Social Media Coach, and an incredible inspiration to other 420 friendly women.

“I started The Mommy Jane because there was and still is a huge stigma around parenting and cannabis.” – The Mommy Jane.

The Mommy Jane’s journey in breaking the stigma around cannabis focuses specifically on empowering other women and mothers to step into the light and claim their power. Her mission is to continue to normalize cannabis as plant medicine, and show others that people can be both exceptional parents and use cannabis.

“I believe in responsible cannabis use and show other parents how to model proper consumption and usage,” TMJ says.

The Mommy Jane has tied her mission to break the stigma around cannabis parenthood with her knack for successful social media marketing. In less than a year and a half, The Mommy Jane has grown her own Instagram community to over 14,000 followers, all without the help of a social media manager, publicist, or paid advertising.


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Taking her self-made success into action, The Mommy Jane began helping other women become cannabis micro-influencers. The Mommy Jane passionately teaches others how to organically build their own network to strengthen the cannabis community and create change in this growing industry. She provides Self Help and Social Media coaching services to women (and some men) to “believe not only in themselves but the power of plant medicine and what it can do for us individually, and as parents.”

“I am most proud of this business because I did this mostly by myself. I do get help with the DMs, and my husband takes some of my extra fancy photos when we have the time to collaborate, but I didn’t hire a marketing team, I never paid to be featured in magazines, I still haven’t hired a publicist. I organically grew myself into this space like the fine plant we all love and adore. I did it with great intention and that’s why I am standing here today with my dream job and dream life. And everyone else can too. That’s why people follow me, because I am proof it can be done,” says The Mommy Jane.

Getting started, like many people in the cannabis industry, The Mommy Jane was concerned about revealing her identity as a mother and a woman living in the US where cannabis is heavily stigmatized and federally illegal.

“Being brave enough to show my face was the hardest thing in the beginning. It was definitely baby steps at first. A hand here, a set of eyes through some smoke there, but nothing too revealing. Then I realized I wasn’t going to do much for the stigma with parents if I stay in the closet. So I broke out, doing daily vlogs of my journey in this industry and The Mommy Jane Neighborhood was born,” says The Mommy Jane.

Another aspect of running The Mommy Jane is the emphasis on Mommy. Despite what deadlines or obligations come up, The Mommy Jane puts her family first.

“At the end of the day, I am Mother and Wife above everything else. My family and my kids will always come first. I have boxes of items I haven’t reviewed but if my kid is telling me they’re having a rough day and they need me, the industry can wait another day. And most people get it, because I am the Mommy Jane. Not just Jane,” says The Mommy Jane.

The Mommy Jane believes the sky is the limit when it comes to potential in the cannabis industry. She explains that mega-celebrities backing cannabis, like Kim Kardashian’s recent CBD baby shower, cannabis is being normalized to the masses.

“As long as we keep sharing our stories and minding our own business, and bettering this world, we will break the stigma and open the eyes to others who were so blind before. I have a lot of faith in this industry, which is why I’m not going anywhere. I hope California becomes the Amsterdam of America. And I’m right in the middle of it!”

One thing that the Kardashians, and other influencers generally lack is something that The Mommy Jane doesn’t shy away from. The Mommy Jane also believes vehemently in authenticity. Instead of hyper-curating all of her content, The Mommy Jane revels in the transparency of posting without the fear of being “imperfect.”

“There are a lot of cannamoms and a lot of cannabis influencers out there but I do something a lot of others don’t do and that’s to give zero f*cks. I give zero f*cks how I look in my morning videos, how the aesthetic of my account looks, if I offend someone or if I am doing enough Giveaways. I don’t focus on any of that because I would go crazy. I just step up to the plate and I get my job done every day and somehow, I grew this account to 13k in less than in a year and a half and not too many people can say that in this industry. Or any industry. So what I am doing right is being real AF. That’s why the neighbors flock. People want real after so many years of fake entertainment,” The Mommy Jane explains.

The Mommy Jane told Candid Chronicle that she is in this for life, and looks forward to taking her success story internationally to empower and educate more people about cannabis and social media marketing.

“Helping women get the word out and end the stigma. At the end of the day, that’s all I really want,” says The Mommy Jane.

Images provided by The Mommy Jane.


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