CANN Scholarship

By: Matthew Lopez


With new laws permitting the use of cannabis as both a medicinal and recreational product, there has also been a growing interest in the development of research programs and standards with cannabis. The Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (CANN) of the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Division of Chemical Health and Safety, is proud to announce the formation of a scholarship program geared towards further education in cannabis and cannabinoid sciences. This program, sponsored by Heidolph North America, a leading provider of premium laboratory equipment, will provide funds to offset the cost of travel and registration for up-and-coming cannabis researchers at ACS National Meetings occurring every spring and fall.  Awards will be granted to multiple applicants twice per year by a formal selection committee. Heidolph North America has been generous enough to secure the scholarship’s funding for a minimum of 5 years.

Awardees will present their work at the CANN symposia at the ACS national meeting. With this, comes greater exposure to good works in chemistry and science in the cannabis space.   

“I am truly proud to see this amazing accomplishment come to light. We hope that this program will serve as a guiding light in the development of cannabis sciences. We also want to thank Heidolph North America for their tremendous generosity and contribution.” said CANN Chair, Ezra Pryor.

The CANN Scholarship program is available for any who are interested in and able to present at the ACS national meeting. Those interested in applying for the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision’s Scholarship for Excellence, should email a CV and talk abstract to  To learn more about CANN, visit