Cannabis Events in San Diego

Quite immediately with San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market along with several partners have the Hemp & Cannabis Business Expo + Career fair, a free and open to public event. This event is bound to be filled with winners as the announcement on the People’s Choice best flowers of the Harvest Cup will not be until after the December 19th Award Ceremony. You may see one of the many local San Diegans at the virtual expo enjoying one of the many entries in the 6 category harvest cup.

Farmers Cup Licensed Flower Competition

With these 2 events to cap off the year, the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market team is planning to become a much larger event company in San Diego county. The team has been working hard to reach smaller farmers across the state and even offering zero cost entry to the cup after big names like Tommy Chong supported the team’s hard efforts with a video calling small farmers to join the cup to gain access to San Diego market.


ALL small farmers also get Free vendor space at the business expo if they are hiring or vending. This is a virtual event, so it is a way for the team to offer mainstream public education, career minded and b2b to gain access to the cannabis industry; again this event is FREE for public attendance.
Farmers Cup Valentines Day Edition 2022
2022 Planned Events 
The Farmers Cup team already is accepting applicants for the Farmers Cup Valentines Day Edition! If you know any edible brands, they can join this cup with much notice! Make sure to have them reach out to the team directly at

The San Diego cannabis market events are created with a passion for small farmers and small businesses. We want to help small farmers across California to access the highly tourist driven market of San Diego. If you feel that sponsorship of our events is relevant, we have a series of events for 2022! First for the ’22 year in February, the Farmers Cup Valentines Day Edition (Edibles); in April, Farmers Cup 4/20 (various categories) & Cannabis Row at Earth Day in Balboa park San Diego 4/23/22; Summer ’22: Farmers Cup 7/10 Edition a concentrates only competition; and the end of the year Harvest Cup edition (all Flower) with the overlapping the Hemp & Cannabis Business Expo + Career Fair event to complete the 2022 year once again.
San Diego Cannabis Business Expo flyer Dec 11th Virtual
If you take a peek at our Harvest Cup Sponsorship package, it is safe to assume, the rates for each event are approximately the same as this one. The Earth Day event may be much different as it is in person and may have some big names involved for the stage this year. Also, here is what the  SoCal Cannabis & Hemp Career Fair + Business Expo Sponsorship & Vendor deck looks like, so if you want to become a last minute sponsor, join the San Diego market of cannabis brands who are happy to serve our community.