Cannabis Gifting Surges as Consumers Replace Alcohol During Holidays, Says New Poll

Heading into the holiday season, results from a new poll suggest that cannabis gifting is one of this year’s hottest consumer trends, as consumers stock up on cannabis-related items and a growing number of people plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis. These are just two findings from a poll conducted by California-based Glass House Group, one of the fastest-growing, privately-held, vertically integrated cannabis and hemp companies in the U.S. The results highlight the increased normalization of cannabis in 2020 and a focus on health and wellness amid the ongoing pandemic.

Witnessing a paradigm shift

According to the study, which incorporated responses from more than 630 people, over half of respondents (52.6%) plan to give cannabis gifts or cannabis-related products as gifts during the 2020 holiday season, with friends as the most popular recipients (71.2%), followed by family members (65.2%) and significant others (40.8%).

Kyle Kazan, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Glass House Group, said in a statement that he believes we are “witnessing a paradigm shift” and the poll results underline the fact that “cannabis is becoming a mainstream choice for consumers.”

Photo by Glass House Group: Nearly two out of three poll respondents plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis during the 2020 holiday season

The consumer shift that Kazan notes is further exemplified by the 64.2% of respondents saying they plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis during the holidays. These consumers lay out a dramatic difference from last year — 67.4% say their replacement of alcohol consumption with cannabis will be greater than in 2019.

A focus on health and wellness

Another finding from Glass House Group’s poll is the level of consumer focus on health and wellness, emphasized by respondents’ primary reasons for consumption: a better night’s sleep (64.0%) and to improve general wellness (63.7%). “Heath and wellness are top of mind during the ongoing pandemic,” said Kazan, adding that it makes sense why consumers are using the plant’s various properties more frequently this year.

Photo by Glass House Group: Top cannabis or cannabis-related products poll respondents plan to give as a gift during the 2020 holiday season

When asked which cannabis or cannabis-related products they plan to gift this holiday season, flower came out on top at 65.8%, followed by edibles (61.3%), pre-rolls (54.7%) and CBD products (32.4%). This list was closely aligned with the results for cannabis products they would like to receive: flower (69.3%), edibles (56.4%), pre-rolls (51.3%), vapes (33.2%) and CBD products (25.4%).

Looking ahead to 2021, Kazan has a positive outlook for the industry’s trajectory and plans to roll out new products from Glass House Farms while bringing customers new retail experiences. “It’s the fastest-growing consumer movement our country has seen in nearly a century,” he says.