Cannabis Legalization Brings New Type Of Festival In Arizona

The organizing committee for one of Arizona’s first marijuana events estimates thousands of participants at Errl Camp, which they have dubbed a “Medicated Camping Festival.”

The event is advertised as a weekend-long celebration of cannabis, music, camping, and friendship.

But Errl Camp is not the only cannabis festival ahead; various other gatherings that combine legalized recreational marijuana with festivity are planned for the coming months.

“It’s coming into the mainstream,” Cannival organizer Jason Johnson explained. “And we want everybody to be part of it,”

Johnson is assisting in the production of Cannival, a celebration in February that seeks to incorporate cannabis and the yearly celebration of Carnival.

Johnson and David Fowler, executive director of Arizona’s Cannabis Industry Trade Association, conceptualized the idea.

“We have stiltwalkers and fire breathers and samba dancers and a luchador ring,” Johnson added.

Johnson stated that the purpose of the event is to promote awareness and items such as MjM, a mobile application that assists cannabis consumers anywhere they go.

Additionally, it offers information on various topics, ranging from local marijuana regulations to cannabis-friendly performances.

The event will be held on February 26, and the team anticipates over 10,000 attendees.

And while the event is legal, organizers face several legal obstacles.

Johnson revealed that they needed to obtain approval from the mayor and police. Additionally, they will be required to adhere to strict regulations.

For instance, cannabis is not allowed to be sold at the event, but samples may be given.

“We have strict rules and guidelines,” said Johnson. “And we are looking to do it right the first time so we can do many more of them,”

The Errl Cup, which took place on September 25 and 26, has hosted events for several years.

With the legalization of cannabis in Arizona, the number of such events is expected to increase over time.

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