Cannabis Row at Earth Fair 4/24 Balboa park


Come join us in the Cannabis Row section this Sunday from 10am-5pm at Balboa Park!

Map shows Cannabis Row Section of the Earth Fair 2022

Map of the Earth Fair 2022: The green highlight indicates the Cannabis Row and the Stage of the Cannabis Row Section .

420 Farmers Cup Awards held at Earth Day San DiegoRead more about what we have coming up on Sunday at our Earth Fair with 60,000 guests.

  1. Mother Earth Is the Judge at Farmers Cup
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  4. Even main stream San Diego Magazine pickup mentioning San Diego’s Largest Cannabis Event

Plenty to look forward to this weekend for eco-minded and also, level headed cannabis users too! That is right, cannabis can be about the planet! Hemp also does beautiful things for the earth, soil and human body too. Come learn, enjoy the culture and celebrate our planet Earth; and Cannabis too!

“We ask cannabis brands to lead by example, because if they can do quality retail and operations with an eco-minded strategy and support the community, then ALL BUSINESSES should be doing it!” -Unknown

This may be one way cannabis does change the world via leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I do not mean to say that the mass corporate cannabis chains are good, but the mass industrial change to allow cannabis has opened minds, while also the pursuit of quality persists. Quality cannabis with a low carbon footprint has caused the topic of soil, nutrients and the organic process to come to the surface of cannabis industry. Let’s use Earth Fair 2022 to discuss cannabis education and cannabis industry improvements. Culture, Community & Cannabis is the theme of the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market and this event will truly shine on as an example of that goal.