By: Medicinal Mike Boris

Lukas Behal the creator of this fantastic international event hosted in Czech Republic Prague, has created his seventh year of success with the Cannafest.  Prague itself is a town of immense history with deep rooted family values. The people that attended the Cannafest were from all over the world. The most noticeable fraction of this event were the families. Literally, hundreds of families with children included were there to learn about cannabis education at this nonsmoking event. The event itself offered responsible daycare for some of the children who were unable to maintain interest in the long informative walk through the halls of Cannafest.

The biggest difference in the Cannafest that I noticed is how hungry the attendees are for the education. There were lines around booths offering nothing but facts about cannabis and its medical benefits. In America, we have to give out a lot of free meds and giveaways to get the attention I saw in Czech. Cannabis is taking over the world and Lukas Behal is the man helping to deliver it.

I was honored to meet “Shantii Baba” and a host of Cannalebrities I didn’t even know about. Shantii is one of very few helping to spread the word on CBD’s and their benefits to the endocannabinoid system. CBD Crew is another group working with Shantii to evolve the community in Europe. When these people entered the hall it seemed to light up with admiration to the work they have contributed to the European Cannabis Community.

Lukas is looking forward to bringing his Cannafest show over to the United States where we would welcome this style event with open arms. The one thing the USA has lost is the hunger for the education that exists outside its borders. Thank you to Lukas Behal for showing us that the world is still hungry and open minded. The race to educate the world on cannabis is being run by many and we are proud to have Lukas in the forefront of this race.