Cansact Launches Cashless Cannabis Marketplace In California

Orange County-based Cansact, LLC today announced the launch of its new cashless online marketplace for cannabis businesses in California, offering growers, manufacturers, and retailers an internet hub where they can browse, purchase, and sell marijuana products.

The new subscription-free marketplace provides buyers with a user-friendly and secure interface where they can search for and acquire cannabis products as well as buy and sell with other businesses on Cansact at no charge.

Cansact says the platform centers around compliance and gives buyers and sellers peace-of-mind through a convenient online payment method without adding security risks or processing credit cards illegally.

“It’s our goal to bring the cannabis supply chain into the 21st century,” says Cansact CEO Robert Diaz. “We can have your business set up to perform totally compliant, cashless transactions with other cannabis business consumers—whether that be buying or selling product.”

Diaz says that there is tremendous value Cansact’s single, integrated marketplace which connects cannabis businesses to consumers, allowing them to complete transactions online from start to finish.

“We believe that nobody else comes close to providing an online, cashless, compliant marketplace solution as conveniently as Cansact,” says Dias.

In addition to providing a modern online cannabis marketplace, Cansact also offers the benefit of integrating the state-mandated track-and-trace database, tax pre-payments, and automated supply chain ordering tools.

Licensed California cannabis companies interested in using the new platform can sign up to buy and sell cannabis products via the Cansact website.