Carlsbad Company Launches Vape Battery Recycling Program

A California cannabis company has launched a recycling program with a cannabis waste disposal company.

On Thursday, Carlsbad-based Vessel Brand announced a new partnership with GAIACA to address the waste problem in the cannabis vape industry.

The program also has support from Oregon-based Chalice Farms and Massachusetts-based Happy Valley.

Keeping the user experience a top priority, Vessel says it puts people and the planet first with long-life batteries, optimized airflow, and low-temperature settings.

In addition to a line of high-end vape pen accessories, Vessel offers batteries that last up to 300 charges, with optimized power settings to help prevent users from vaping through their oil too quickly.

Vessel says that the new partnership with GAIACA will make it easier for users to recycle batteries.

“At Vessel, we are committed to holistic wellness, whether that’s personal wellness, that of the community, or in this case the environment,” says Vessel CEO and Founder James Choe. “We believe it is all interconnected and equally important.”

GAIACA services include monthly vape pen battery collection, collection and pre-processing at dispensaries, secure front-of-house collection boxes, and back-of-house collection boxes for dispensary consolidation.

Following collection, the waste undergoes a multi-step, high-temperature, high-pressure process that splits batteries into component materials which are separated, collected, and sold for reuse.

Vessel and GAIACA say the recycling program is an integral step in their commitment to addressing environmental concerns in the cannabis vape industry.

“Our mission is to help operators handle and revitalize their waste in an environmentally friendly manner within this highly regulated market,” says GAIACA CO-Founder and CEO Jonathon Lee. “So they can get back to what they do best.”

People interested in becoming Vessel retailers and joining the recycling program can do so at the company website.