CBD And Appetite Loss

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

CBD has been proven to aid appetite loss. No surprise that the list of ailments found treatable by CBD continues to grow. CBD is found in all cannabis products but for people looking to avoid getting high, you can purchase hemp-derived CBD.

Cannabidiol works to relieve the digestive tract, which in turn increases appetite. This can be beneficial for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. People suffering from ailments that cause loss of appetite like addiction, withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders may also benefit from CBD.

Loss of appetite can lead to weight loss, confusion, fatigue, dizziness, and cause you to pass out. If you are suffering from a loss of appetite, try CBD. CBD can be bought online even in non-legalized states because there are companies like Hemp Indica CBD that sell hemp-derived CBD capsules which contain no THC. Otherwise, dispensaries will absolutely have CBD products.