CBD-Based Smoking Cessation Formula Nears Patent Approval

A European medical cannabis and R&D company is nearing final approval for its cannabidiol (CBD) based smoking cessation formulation.

London-based Kanabo today announced that its proprietary CBD and nicotine formula has moved from the Patent Cooperation Treaty phase to the National Phase in the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union countries.

National Phase is the final step before gaining an internationally approved patent.

Kanabo says that its target audience, people who want to quit cigarettes and e-cigarettes, constitutes a sizable market that will reach £50m in a few years.

According to Kanabo, the proprietary high potency CBD and nicotine and standalone formulas in its cartridges and VapePods can help treat nicotine and tobacco addiction.

Kanabo says that current evidence suggests its formulations significantly reduce physical and psychological nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

“Our unique patent pending CBD formulations and controlled and consistent delivery device, the Vape Pod, represents an excellent opportunity for governments to quickly end the reliance on tobacco for millions of citizens worldwide,” says Kanabo CEO Avihu Tamir. “Our tests show a dramatic reduction in nicotine consumption, whether in cigarettes or e-cigarettes, which can only be good news for health services around the world.”

Kanabo says its proprietary formulation of naturally-derived terpenes allows for the application of consistent and reproducible high CBD concentrations throughout the life of a cartridge.

According to Kanabo, using its system to quit smoking begins with a CBD-nicotine combination formulation.

Nicotine levels are reduced over several weeks until they are at zero.

Kanabo says that its new system provides a novel way for countries around the world that are looking to ban or reduce tobacco use help people smoke less and potentially complete the withdrawal process from nicotine and e-cigarette addiction.