CbdMD Becomes First US CBD Brand To Receive FSA Validation

An American cannabidiol (CBD) company has received validation from the United Kingdom.

On Thursday, Charlotte, North Carolina-based cbdMD announced that it had become the first U.S. CBD company to receive a validation of its Novel Food application from the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency (FSA).

According to a cbdMD press release, more than 800 companies submitted applications, but only those who submitted safety data-based dossiers on their ingredients have received validation.

With validation, cbdMD can sell its tinctures, gummies, and capsules across the U.K.

The company says it anticipates filling orders from U.K. distributors and e-commerce platforms in the coming weeks.

Product Safety

According to cbdMD, the validation grant was based on extensive toxicological data that contained the requisite evidence to prove that consuming the company’s products is safe.

cbdMD says its products contain a proprietary blend of cannabinoids.

cbdMD co-CEO Martin Sumichrast says the FSA validation certifies what the company has known all along: that its products are safe.

“We want to thank the FSA for validating this fact, and we strongly urge the FDA to do the same,” says Sumichrast. “Our customers trust and appreciate that our products are formulated with natural ingredients, not synthetic copies, and without additives. In a time when the world needs products that complement everyday health and wellness, our natural products matter and resonate with consumers worldwide.”

According to cbdMD, it is likely that competitors who submitted applications using shared data will not receive validation.

Future Research

The company says its safety data will be the basis for additional research and regulatory studies it intends to use to validate its products’ safety and efficacy.

“We are proud to support cbdMD, as the owner of its proprietary data in these pan—European novel food submissions,” says Legal Foods Managing Director Dr. Mark Tallon, Ph.D. “cbdMB has a scientific and legal team that is second to none, composed of former FDA employees providing guidance on a global approach to compliance and intellectual property (IP) while keeping one eye on the health and nutritional benefits of the products through additional studies.”

cbdMD expects the first of its studies to be published in a leading peer-reviewed journal in the coming months.

“Ownership of the study data means cbdMD is not sharing its IP, as is done in consortium applications,” says Dr. Tallon. “This provides cbdMD with a unique position in the world’s largest CBD market to create actual value by leveraging the IP in their own products or licensing their formulaitons to third parties or white label goods. We continue to work with cbdMD to develop new opportunities to build their IP portfolio which will better serve their customers’ health and wellness needs.”

In the coming weeks, cbdMD expects to receive validation of its application to the European Food Safety Authority.