Chocolate Cheeba Chews And Caramels Too

The Cheeba Chews brand has been around since 2009 when CEO James Howler set out to fill a need in the Colorado cannabis industry by producing edibles with consistent dosages—something that was severely lacking at the time.

In the following years, Howler’s mission has given way to an ever-expanding variety of cannabinoid-enhanced Cheeba Chews edible products that are small in size but big on flavor, potency, and accurate dosing.

The lineup of Cheeba Chews products has grown significantly over the past decade to include a sweet and flavorful variety of cannabinoid-infused taffies, gummies, and chews.

Cheeba Chews places a high emphasis on product quality with premium cannabis oil, independent lab testing, and consistency.

Experienced cannabinoid consumers in the Colorado and California markets are probably familiar with the brand, likely having tried one or more of their cannabis confection varieties at some point or another.

If you’ve tried Cheeba Chews products in the past, you’ll be aware of their quality and reputation.

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have good things to say about Cheeba Chews edibles.

I recently received some Cheeba Chews chocolate Sleepy Time and caramel Trifecta taffy varieties, which I have happily incorporated into my daily routine.

A Caramel Trifecta

The first chew that I tried was one of the Trifecta squares, and I found the flavor to be nothing short of incredible.

Each piece was a sweet, smooth, and toasty caramel delight with just the right amounts, 5 milligrams each, of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabidiol (CBD).

If I had some very tiny apples, I thought that I could melt down the taffy squares and make some miniature caramel-covered treats that would be perfect for a Halloween party during October.

A good substitution for making caramel apples with Trifecta caramel chews would be wrapping them around squares of Cheeba Chews’ Sour Apple Taffy instead of actual pieces of fruit.

If you don’t have a high THC tolerance, you may want to keep an extra supply of non-medicated caramels around when dosing with Trifecta edibles, because it’s almost too tempting to keep eating them.

They’re really that good.

And as we all know, when it comes to THC-infused edibles, you can always eat more, but you can never eat less.

But whatever your tolerance is, always remember to medicate responsibly.

Trifecta’s THC effects start to creep in within about 30 minutes, reaching their full strength at around one to two hours.

For me, the THC effects lasted for about 3-4 hours, with a very soft, comfortable landing.

At the end of the high, I felt happy, refreshed, and pleasantly relaxed.

Sleepy Time

Cheeba Chews infuses each Sleepy Time taffy square with 5mg of THC and 2.5mg of cannabinol (CBN).

Like the Trifecta taffy, there are 20 squares in each Sleepy Time package.

CBN is an oxidation product of THC, found in aged cannabis products, that has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anticonvulsant, and sedative properties.

The sedative qualities of CBN are what make the Sleepy Time chews a beneficial part of an evening routine to help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

With everything that’s going on in the world today, combined with the regular stresses of everyday life, restful sleep can be somewhat of a scarce commodity at times.

The Sleepy Time chews are much like Tootsie Rolls when it comes to flavor and consistency, but they are softer and have a cannabinoid kick that the traditional chocolaty log-shaped candies lack.

I noticed that the Sleepy Time chews also have a bit of an orange flavor to them, which compliments the chocolate quite nicely.

Having used the Sleepy Time chews for a couple of weeks, I felt that the THC effects were not as strong as the Trifecta chews, but they have enhanced my nightly rest and increased the amount of REM sleep that I get.

At a time when dabbing was my go-to method of cannabinoid intake, I noticed that my REM sleep decreased significantly, and I dreamed very little during an average night.

Now that edibles are my primary cannabis consumption method, I have decreased my daily intake of THC, and my REM sleep has noticeably increased.

Elevated doses of THC have been known to decrease REM sleep duration and frequency, but I’ve noticed that both have increased with the Sleepy Time chews.

Choose a Cheeba Chew

With more than a decade of experience, Cheeba Chews offers a diverse selection of candy edibles for the discerning sweet-toothed cannabis consumer in 2021.

The company continues its tradition of making edibles with consistent potency, quality, and easy dosing.

For an edible that packs big caramel flavor and potency in a small package, the Cheeba Chews Trifecta taffy is a solid choice.

If you want a natural product that tastes great and helps you get some restful sleep, the Sleepy Time chews might be just what you’re looking for.

But whatever Cheeba you choose to chew, medicate responsibly and enjoy the ride.