Colorado Cannabis Against COVID Campaign Seeks To Raise Funds For Relief Agencies

A new campaign in Colorado seeks to raise millions of dollars for COVID relief agencies and personnel through recreational cannabis deliveries, which are not currently permitted in the state.

The Cannabis Against COVID (CAC) campaign looks to raise funds by changing cannabis policy in Colorado and then the rest of the United States.

CAC organizers believe that the funds could help save jobs in the cannabis industry, which employs tens of thousands of workers in Colorado.

Colorado issued its first medical cannabis delivery license to The Dandelion dispensary in Boulder in March under a new state law that went into effect in January, but adult-use cannabis deliveries won’t be allowed until January of 2021.

CAC says that, without the option for recreational cannabis delivery currently available, adult-use cannabis sales are down 69% across the state as COVID-19 quarantining remains in effect.

The first goal of CAC is to petition the State of Colorado to permit home deliveries for recreational cannabis purchases.

The CAC plan would add a temporary $20 fee onto deliveries, which the campaign says could raise up to $500,00 a day with the normal daily average of 25,000 sales in Colorado.

The $20 fee would go directly to COVID relief agencies.

“Help is desperately needed on the front lines of the war against COVID-19,” says campaign founder Dave Sheldon. “This disease could kill more Americans than Vietnam, and it feels like it is both destroying our economy and our way of life.”

CAC says that opening up the recreational cannabis delivery option across the nation could create millions of jobs, generate billions in tax revenue, and raise millions of dollars to fight COVID-19 through the temporary $20 fee.

To raise awareness for their initiative and similar initiatives across the United States, CAC will soon stream the Cannabis Against COVID: Herb For The Cure online festival in partnership with the MJ Freeway consulting firm.

CAC is currently reaching out to nationally-known musicians, comedians, celebrities, and visual artists to participate in the event and will announce the full lineup and other details on April 20.

Sheldon says that the purpose of the campaign is to help the United States in its time of need, stating that legalization and delivery could do wonders to help out the economy and raise tens of millions to fight COVID-19.