Comfort Food: JuJu Royal’s CBD Olive Oil

By Cara Anderson
IG: @carajojo

JuJu Royal, created by Julian Marley, offers full spectrum CBD infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils. I tried JuJu Royal’s Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which contains 30 mg of CBD per serving.

I don’t consume olive oil by itself on the regular, but you’d better believe that I tasted JuJu Royal’s Rosemary CBD EVOO on its own. The infused olive oil is flavorful, yet light. It has a subtle hint of hemp and, although it smells strongly of rosemary, the herbal flavor is not overwhelming.

The JuJu Royal olive oil really starts to get aromatic when heated. While I was sauteeing kale and whipping up a grilled cheese, the comforting scent of rosemary filled my kitchen.

The JuJu Royal Rosemary CBD kale I made took all of ten minutes to prepare and sautee. I washed, massaged, and cut up half a bundle of purple curly kale. I added the JuJu Royal EVOO to a pan, and sauteed the kale for about five minutes; tossing to coat the greens, and adding a dash of Lawry’s seasoned salt. The kale took on the rosemary flavor and provided a definite upgrade to my usual kale preparations.

The only way to ruin a grilled cheese is by burning the bread, but I’d never before considered how to enhance this simple comfort food. So here it is; add CBD EVOO into the mix and you’re melting away into relaxation. I started with the grilled cheese basics, American Cheese and bread. I added the JuJu Royal rosemary EVOO to a pan, then grilled the sandwich until the cheese was melted and the bread was golden. The fresh rosemary infusion offered a subdued twist to a classic. I was dually relaxed from the CBD and the effortless delight of a grilled cheese.

What’s Inside?
Each 8 oz bottle of olive oil contains 250 mg of hemp-derived CBD. The hemp derived CBD in JuJu Royal products is extracted using a “Supercritical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2,” according to JuJu Royal. The hemp itself is industrial hemp, farmed with organic farming methods, and sourced from multi-generational hemp farmers in the United States. 

The olives used in JuJu Royal olive oil come from Arizona and are pesticide free and non-GMO. The olive oil is infused with fresh herbs, in this case, rosemary. JuJu Royal also offers a fresh basil infused CBD EVOO.

Overall, I enjoyed the JuJu Royal Rosemary CBD EVOO. It tastes great on its own and would pair nicely with fresh Italian bread. Plus, the CBD infusion offers the incentive of soothing your body and mind. Even without the added benefits of CBD, the quality and flavor of the olive oil is enough reason to cook with JuJu Royal’s olive oil again.

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