Commissioner Says No Proof of Medical Cannabis

By Cara Anderson

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Laureen Cummings is the Health Commissioner of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. She’s adamantly against cannabis, and her misinformation could be detrimental to the communities upstate Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2017, and cities like Bethlehem have already experienced success with their dispensaries.

Cummings, who says she’s a nurse, spoke about cannabis at a Lackawanna County Commissioner’s meeting in May. Cummings concluded that after a whopping month of “Google research,” she found no medical benefit of cannabis, adding, “I do know what I’m talking about when I research something.”

Laureen droned on for a few minutes about how not everything on the internet is true. She continued, “People that believe some of these reports coming out about opioids going down because of marijuana use are stupid. I’m going to stand by that statement.”

After insulting the intelligence of people that believe in countless studies and empirical evidence, Cummings stated, “There’s no proof that this helps medically, other than with nausea.”

Apparently, Cummings never ran across Leafly’s list of Top Medical Cannabis Studies of 2017.

It’s a shame that public servants are given the mic to share misinformation and makes it even more important that the community shows up to put out the fire. If you live in Lackawanna County, do not miss Cummings “Marijuana is NOT Medicine Panel” on July 18th, 6 PM, at the Lackawanna County Center for Public Safety.

What a whirlwind.

Check out Laureen’s Facebook page for more of her deeply insightful politics.


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