Dabbing On The Go With Coughn

By Matthew Lopez

IG: @mattrocity818

Dabbing on the go has become the norm for many extract consumers and enthusiasts. After all, it’s not just a dabbing scene, it’s a dabbing lifestyle, and Coughn has the bases covered to keep things dabbing in style.

Their signature product, the Coughn, is a backpack that’s been fully designed with the dabbing enthusiast in mind. Made from durable hemp material, the first noticeable thing that indicates “concentrate lifestyle gear” is the NoGoo non-stick material along the front side of the pack. For safety and security, a TSA combination lock has been integrated where the main zippers can be locked in place. Once opened, the fully padded pack contains several velcro straps and sections that can be easily adjusted to hold a variety of dabbing utensils and essentials such as a rig, torch, spare butane, etc. On the ‘door’ side of the Coughn pack sits an additional zippered compartment, a small slot that’s a perfect fit for a pack of standard sized rolling papers, and an extra pocket that holds two dabbers securely.

Also available are Coughn’s special rig rags, rig socks, and exit bags.

Starting with the rig rags which are unique in that they are double-lined along the inside ‘fold’ to preserve the outside colors when wiping away leftover extract from a dirty dabber. The rig socks are made of neoprene material and are available in either small or large versions to accommodate the appropriate sized rig, while Coughn’s Exit Bags have smell-suppressing tech integrated into the material, in addition to a built-in locking zipper.

Additionally, Coughn also supplies a list of other cool and useful gear such as dab mats, T-shirts, a Coughn cap with built-in dabber pocket, and even the Denver Pack (a more simplistic backpack that’s a great option for a traveling dabber on a budget.)