Denver Police Cite 31 People In Canna-Bus Tour Stings

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Sting operations led by officers from the Denver Police Department resulted in public consumption citations for thirty-one passengers and employees of Colorado Cannabis Tours and My 420 Tours excursions on Friday. A bus driver was also arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Dispensary visits are part of the trips and riders are generally allowed to consume their purchases between stops.

Friday, two undercover officers signed papers to enroll in the Colorado Cannabis Tours private membership club and joined a limousine-bus trip with the company. At some point during the tour, the vehicle was pulled over by police for allegedly failing to signal.

“The vehicle was turned over for a turn-signal violation, the driver’s telling me he obviously used the turn signal,” Colorado Cannabis Tours CEO and founder Michael Eymer told The Denverite. “They were forcible with the guides, forcibly removed them from the bus. Two young girls—held their hands behind their backs like criminals.”

“Honestly,” he said. “it was very heavy-handed, and it was meant to send a message.”

Apart from private residences, there are few places where people can consume cannabis legally; only one business in Colorado has obtained an on-site consumption license.

But Eymer maintains that what his company does is legal and says he plans to pay for all of the citations issued to his passengers and employees which amount to around $6,000.

Eymer says that because the company vehicles fall into the limousine classification, and a state website states that cannabis may be consumed in the passenger area of for-hire limousines, that no jury would find them guilty of public consumption.