Diving Into A Bag Of Select Nano Bites Tangerine

There’s a new gummy on the market, and it’s good.

Really good.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried a wide variety of edibles in the legal cannabis market over the years, and not all of them were of equal quality.

I’ve had both good edibles, bad edibles, and others that were just okay.

Some varieties stood out because of their well-crafted flavor, and others shined due to their cannabinoid effects.

I have found an edible that excels in both categories.

Select Choices

Curaleaf’s Select brand currently offers a diverse selection of cannabis products, including vape cartridges, batteries, CBD and THC drops, and a range of edible products.

For health reasons, I have ceased using any type of inhaled cannabis, so I’ve never tried Select’s vape products, though I understand they are top-notch.

Select’s vaping hardware was born out of a problem with products produced by other manufacturers and the coughing fits that they elicited due to inferior materials used in their construction.

But while I haven’t tried any of Select’s vaping products, I am familiar with the company’s edibles.

And I like those.

When I first tried Select’s Squeeze nano encapsulated THC beverage enhancers earlier this year, I was impressed by their quick onset of effects and clean, consistent feeling.

Not all ingestable THC products can boast the same.

I also found it fascinating how Squeeze could blend so easily with other liquids.

Getting cannabis oil to blend with water is something people tried to do for years before nanotechnology solved the problem.

Select a New Edible

But liquids aren’t the only edibles that contain nano encapsulated cannabinoids, there are also gummies.

Select recently launched its new and improved nano bites, which the company says are science-backed to offer a precise, consistent cannabis experience.

Select says Nano Bites are the edible, re-invented.

According to the company, they could become your new favorite in-the-moment gummy treat.

I’m inclined to agree with them.

“These soft, sugar coated treats are formulated with unique water-soluble cannabinoids to kick in fast,” says Select. “Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, not only can you expect a faster onset than traditional gummies, but you also get a more balanced experience overall. More like vaping or smoking your favorite flower.”

Select says that the Nano Bites, which the company has tested extensively, have enhanced formulation to improve flavor and reduce bitterness associated with cannabinoids and nanoencapsulation.

Infused with natural terpenes, Nano Bites come in pomegranate (Indica), tangerine (Sativa), and peach mango (Hybrid) flavors.

Trying a Tasty Tangerine Treat

I recently received a 20-piece 100mg sample bag of the tangerine Nano Bites which, being a fan of Select Squeeze, I was anxious to try.

Upon opening the bag, I was met with the deliciously sweet, citrusy, and creamy scent of the treats within.

I retrieved two sugar-coated 5mg pieces from the bag and popped them into my mouth.

I must say, the flavor was nothing short of incredible.

I did not chew the gummies, but savored them instead, letting them slowly melt in my mouth and paint their particular flavor portrait on my tongue.

Imagine the bold flavor of an orange (tangerine) creamsicle packed into a gummy candy and infused with THC.

That’s exactly what these gummies are like.

When the gummies had completely melted, I waited for the onset of the effects, which wasn’t very long.

Within about 20 minutes, I started to feel the effects, which hit their full strength in less than an hour.

With nano THC, the onset of effects is much quicker than traditional edibles, making it easier to figure out your preferred dosage.

The THC effects of the gummies were clean feeling and very nice, pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Select edible products.

The effects lasted for a couple of hours before coming back down to a smooth, soft landing.

Bite-sized, convenient, reasonably-dosed, sweet, flavorful, and very delicious, I’ve added Select’s tangerine Nano Bites to my list of favorite edible products.

Select’s Nano Bites are available in California, Arizona, and Nevada, with additional states to come in the near future.