Dr. Sibyl Swift Presents CBD Safety Method Data To FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heard testimony this month regarding cannabidiol (CBD) safety.

Earlier in June, FDA invited cbdMD Vice President of Science and Regulatory Affairs Dr. Sibyl Swift to testify regarding the safety of her company’s products.

cbdMD says Dr. Swift also provided a sensible approach for FDA to utilize its resources to permit companies to sell hemp-extracted products as dietary supplements.

The company says it welcomed the unique opportunity to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to providing top-quality hemp-extracted dietary supplements as it strives to provide a pathway to enhanced product efficacy and standard industry regulation.

“Despite the Agency’s preferred approach of sticking its head in the sand and feigning ignorance of the volumes of data available on the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids, we welcomed this opportunity to speak on the issue and shed light on the well-established and effective methods the FDA currently has at its disposal to safely and effectively regulate orally-consumed hemp-extracted cannabinoids as dietary supplements,” says Dr. Swift. “Along with our extensive safety study dossier and citizens petition filed with the FDA, we believe that continually messaging about the safety of our hemp-extracted cannabinoid products, and the methods we use to unequivocally prove their safety, is vital to creating an industry founded on sound scientific principles.”

Dr. Swift says cbdMD knows hemp-extracted cannabinoids are safe, effective, and can change the way people think about daily health and well-being.

Dr. Swift calls the efforts a solid step in the right direction.

According to cbdMD, FDA will post a transcript of the testimony with the title, “June 12, 2022 Meeting of the Science Board to the FDA.”