4/20 Farmers Cup Has Earth As Judge

Luck is upon us in 2022 as we seem to be going back to normal! Gas prices may be up, but that can be good for the environment if we are cognizant of reducing our waste and choose to change behavior. We can always use a negative external factor to create a new positive for our own lives. For example, the Farmers Cup Valentines Day edition has wrapped up. It is completed and over, almost like an NFT, you can’t be a judge for the recent cup, it is out of reach. Completed, you can see the fun you missed here. The positive part of this is that with the ALL edibles edition of the cup completed, we are moving on to the biggest Farmers Cup of the year-4/20 Farmers Cup with Awards Ceremony at Earth Day, Balboa park. 

“At Farmers Cup we mean to celebrate cannabis all year, but we like to make 4/20 an all-Month thing too! 

You are going to get it even if you don’t! The Earth will be the judge! Literally, cannabis will be vindicated with this event as Mother Earth reviews strains from all over California, not just licensed cannabis growers, but home growers and even hemp growers will be competing for Earth’s attention! Mother Earth knows who’s got the best, the mycelium told her! The roots of all cannabis stretch out to reach Earth, seeking nutrients and minerals. This Farmers Cup at Earth Day we are going to have old Mother Earth decide what plants did the best with what they were given. The best of California cannabis will be found at this event in San Diego! Farmers Cup Awards will even be announced on stage, this is revolutionary!

Does this Sound like Hype? 

Earth Day at Balboa park doesn’t need hype! This event has been going for decades, attracting people internationally and successfully bringing the people of San Diego together! In fact, over the years, Earth Works has attracted Millions of viewers to their events and educational programs. Earth Work’s Earth Day is the world’s largest free and open to public Earth fair on the planet! The group aims to lead toward creating a clean, healthy and prosperous future via education that happens when they bring the community together. The community of San Diego has firm roots in the Earth Day event, but if your brand does not have roots, fear not! Opportunities to get plugged in are upon us. We have sponsorship space, vendor booths and opportunities to compete as a commercial cultivator or craft home grower. 

Booths for Farmers Cup 420

Booths & Sponsors

Eco-friendly businesses and nonprofits are highly encouraged to sign up as vendors, and event Sponsorship is still available! If you would like more information, please reach out to the Earth Works team or view their website. Some sponsors already joining this event are the San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture, SDGE, WheelHouse Credit Union, EDCO Waste & Recycling, Cox Communications, MTS Transit, 104.5fm Latina Radio, Zero Waste San Diego, and Sierra Nevada Brewery. The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market will be running the Cannabis Row section with 70 Cannabis friendly booths in a 21 and up environment with a stage and even a beer garden. The Farmers Cup will hold the 4/20 awards for the world to see on the Cannabis Row stage under the beautiful San Diego sun. If you have a Cannabis business interested in joining as an educational non-sales vendor or as a competitor of the Farmers cup 420, please reach out to Russ@FarmersCupOfficial.com

Important Dates for Farmers Cup

Details for Farmers Cup 4/20 competition

Edibles were the highlight of the recent Valentines Edition of Farmers Cup, and will take another seat on the competition along with a drink category, but flower is the main stage. If you are a licensed flower producer in California and want a comfortable seat in the San Diego County market as they prepare to permit 80 more retail licenses, the Farmers Cup is the best way to do that! The connoisseurs of San Diego county are all organized and ready to let us know what brands they want to be loyal with their love and their dollars at retailers. The outstanding San Diego dispensaries already know that Farmers Cup creates a boom for their business! Our hard working team is here to support contestants and make the purchasing relationships seamless as we help brands get into our partners’ dispensaries before and after they win cups. 

5 Categories for Farmers Cup

Want to join the Farmers Cup Competition? 

If you are a licensed brand, home grower, or even a hemp grower, we have a competition for you! Yes, we have three competitions for 4/20/22. The licensed competition has five categories with several subdivisions. The first is a Home Grow competition with indoor, outdoor, mixed light and home grown concentrates categories featuring Live Rosin, Cured Rosin, and Bubble Hash. There is also with Hemp competition including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures and vape pens. Be sure to contact Farmers Cup as soon as possible as samples are due at the dispensary by April 4th. Judges will be lined up around the dispensaries on April 8th, 9th and 10th. Only the best dispensaries in San Diego would want to be a part of this event, stay tuned on the Farmers Cup Instagram (@farmersCupOfficial ) as the Farmers Cup 420 judge pick-up dispensary partners are yet to be announced. 

People's Choice Awards for Cannabis Brands

Farmers Cup Trophies are a big deal!

These competitions all lead to trophies and a lot of them too! For example, the licensed competition has five categories with two sub-flower divisions and two sub-joint divisions. The edibles category also has an edibles category. I do not claim to have the best math skills, but that is nine categories with a crystal trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each category. The best of each category, which is six trophies, includes Best Smokability, Best Aroma, Best Flavor, Best Effect and others. Technical trophies may be awarded for lab-tested entries with Highest THC, Highest CBD, and Highest Cannabinoids. If a cannabis brand has any mind, they should sign up for multiple contests as the odds are high that if they have something unique, one of the attributes may gain the attention of the judges or the labs as we celebrate quality cannabis! 

Mother Earth Needs Cannabis Connoisseurs 

So, Mother Earth is gonna need some help judging all these cannabis competitors. If you are in San Diego county and over 21, you can be a judge! All you must do is sign up for a Farmers Cup judge experience on EventHi-IO. Judges will be told pick up their kits at the partnered dispensaries on the dates above and need to submit their ballots by 4/17 as the awards will be on stage at Earth Day 4/24 and Mother Earth will want you there. While this is a FREE event that is open to the public, the cannabis row is only limited that guests must be 21 and older. Again, if you need a ticket for the Farmers Cup judge experience, please go to EventHi-IO, but if you need tickets to Earth Day at Balboa park you already got them! You have an NFT ticket (No-Funds-Transferred) as it is free for all to come get educated at the Earth Day fair!