Elevated Dinner Parties in Los Angeles By Woman-Owned Food Flower Future

Cannabis infused dinners are trending, and in Los Angeles, Food Flower Future is elevating 2019 to the highest level with their curation of sustainable, cosmopolitan menus and polished cannabis brands.

Food Flower Future’s cannabis-infused dinners provide a combination of cannabis networking and sheer dinner party glam; it’s all about the sophistication of connecting through plants and plant medicine. The five-course dinners showcase brands and farmers that honor cannabis and have dedicated themselves to the plant’s healing properties, not just profits.

“It’s a special evening to look forward to, very similar to a wine tasting, but more fun,” says Khara Pechtes.

Food Flower Future founder Khara Pechtes, of Therapeutic Synergy, originally produced her first cannabis-infused dinner in 2017. Fast forward to post-legalization; Khara’s vision became to create a consistent dinner series for 2019, so she asked Emily Anderson of Plant Base Collective to join her along the journey.

Emily and Khara, photo by Lisa Parker of Humboldt Farms.

The two originally met at a Women Grow event back in 2017. The dinner series is a culmination of two the women’s love of cannabis, community, and years of industry experience, plus Emily’s culinary expertise and Khara’s advertising/event planning background and healing touch; she’s also a massage therapist and yoga instructor in LA.

Candid Chronicle had the pleasure of attending Food Flower Future’s March 23rd dinner, held at a private location in Downtown Los Angeles. The dinners are open to anyone, whether you work in cannabis or just like delicious food and a toke. The room was packed with cannabis lovers, infused dinner first-timers, returning guests, and industry professionals alike.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a Welcome Mocktail; strawberry lemonade with date nectar CBD, garnished with pink peppercorn. The dinner space was a softly lit loft with exposed brick with a long dinner table and areas for lounging.

Humboldt Farms provided nugs and pre-rolls for guests to enjoy while everyone filtered in and prepared for the meal.

I spoke to a man, who was a first-time cannabis-infused dinner attendee. He spoke of working 60+ hours a week, and how he’s recently turned to cannabis to aid stress and insomnia. He was hesitant about the meal, slightly concerned that he’d get too high. This is a common expectation, but what’s the worst that can happen from getting high at dinner? I’ll get back to this.

When we sat down for the meal, my eyes gravitated to the flower arrangements adorning the dinner table. Aptly enough, I was sitting across from Jamie Lee McCormick, AKA The Flower Daddy. The Flower Daddy is magnetizing; all bright eyes and charm while he smoked hit from a joint and openly poured out about flowers, the cannabis industry, and encouraging us around him to try the small red Peruvian peppers that were served alongside a mix of olives. Jamie specializes in florals for cannabis weddings, as well as traditional arrangements and events.

The Flower Daddy and Khara.

Khara opened the dinner by addressing attendees with a calming, yet direct delivery that made me want to attend one of her yoga classes. The room was buzzing with comfortable, loving energy.

Food is an experiential vehicle by which we intend to share this journey, exploring the flavors, textures, terpenes, and aromas as it relates to cannabis and consumption. More people will realize that the normalization of cannabis can change our lives and the lives of others and lessen the negative stigma, and realize its magic and power,” says Khara.

Each course was presented by Emily, whose sweet sensibility and kind eyes eased attendees into the euphoric present reality. The produce used in the meals is sourced from Imperfect Produce, which helps “ugly” produce find a home by providing customized, affordable, and convenient produce deliveries.

Khara says, “How can you not smile after opening a box of fresh produce especially when you get a carrot hugging another carrot? Helping to reduce food waste is huge, and something we take for granted, so with our dinners we try to be conscious of that.”

On the five course menu was:

  • The First Bite, an “impossible kafta” with smoked eggplant dip and harissa relish.
  • Citrus salad with shaved onion, olives, dates, parmesan, mint, and palo santo infused balsamic.
  • The El Mar, cod served over okra ratatouille.
  • Stuffed eggplant with spiced lamb, Lebanese rice and lentils, fattoush salad, and Yemeni zhug sauce.
  • Vegan strawberry cheesecake featuring Mondo Meds infused strawberry syrup and pistachio crust.

Between courses, sponsors shared their company’s missions while each attendee received a pre-roll of their selection. Fenix CBD, who provided hemp rolls, explained the benefits of smoking their phytocannabinoid rich, organic, pesticide-free hemp. We smoked a CBD joint with Young-Jin, Fenix’s founder, and a wave of calm washed over.

Humboldt Farms shared Blue Diesel pre-rolls while touching on the beauty and grace of Humboldt Farms’ sun-grown cannabis, as well as their mission to inspire others to “Choose Kindly” for not only themselves but the environment.

Last but certainly not least, we heard from Dan Turbyfill, who was representing Mendocino Generations. Dan illustrated the uplifting magic that incurs when cannabis is not only sun-grown but basks under the moonlight and the stars. While not a grower himself, Dan is an advocate and consultant for farmers in California. He works closely with Mendocino Generations and spent 18 months immersed in the Emerald Triangle, living and breathing the farm life.

After the meal, I noticed the hesitant man that I mentioned earlier sitting in the lounge area. He was taking a nap. I went over and asked if he was alright. Sure enough, he was. He was definitely higher than he was used to, but he was absolutely chill.

Edibles, let alone a five-course infused cannabis dinner, might sound daunting if you are a newbie, but the jury is in. If you get really high… then you’re just going to be… really high. And, you might want to take a nap. No one’s judging.
For those who are concerned about consuming too much cannabis at a Food Flower Future dinner, Khara says, ”If you fear the infused food might be too much, you can ask to have your plated courses not dosed. Our one or two family-style courses are not dosed and have instead CBD 0% THC in them. Drink lots of water we have provided for you, and it might be too much to smoke pre-rolls with the meal, take them home and enjoy! We do have CBD on hand to help balance your high if you are feeling like it’s too much, take a break, breathe, we are here for you.”

After dessert, Chill Bachi put on a demonstration of how they make vegan CBD rolled ice cream “hibachi-style” and allowed attendees to choose their own mix of flavors.

Food Flower Future hits the nail on the head when it comes to experiential cannabis dining; the setting, cuisine, offerings, and cannabis-loving company were exactly what I’d hoped for from a Saturday night dinner party. The next Food Flower Future dinner will be held on May 11th, 2019 in Los Angeles.  To join, simply reach out to Food Flower Future for an invite.

Photos provided by Lisa Parker of Humboldt Farms.

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