Evan Holyfield Partners With Georgia Hemp Company

A boxing legend’s son has entered into an agreement with a Georgia hemp producer.

The Georgia Hemp Company (TGHC) on Thursday announced a partnership with middleweight boxer Evan Holyfield, son of Evander Holyfield.

TGHC has named Holyfield its newest lifestyle and wellness partner.

TGHC produces hemp-based oils, capsules, skincare, and other products.

According to the company, the partnership comes at a pivotal moment in Holyfield’s career as he prepares for his next fight against Charles Stanford on Saturday, October 23.

Holyfield is currently undefeated with an 8-0 winning streak.

“The Georgia Hemp Company is excited to partner with Holyfield and his team to further both our pursuits of excellence,” says TGHC Managing Partner Joe Salome. “TGHC and team Holyfield prove to be a perfect match in today’s sports marketing world and a remarkable example of today’s modern athlete partnering with a recognizable brand and impactful product line. These are the partnerships that lay the foundation for future athlete partnerships. October 23rd is just the beginning.”

TGHC says Holyfield has a keen interest in the cannabidiol (CBD) space and has experimented with recovery methods that can benefit him and other athletes worldwide.

Holyfield says he is very proud to work with TGHC.

“Not only are they local to my hometown of Atlanta, but as an athlete, it’s incredibly important to me that I am using products that are natural and will help take my career to the next level,” says Holyfield. “I hope that our partnership will promote the health benefits of CBD—not only for athletes, but everyone—and how it can aid the recovery process and overall wellness.”

TGHC Managing Partner Ryan Dills says the partnership helps bring attention to what CBD can do for the body and address fitness from a preparatory and preventative angle.

Dills says TGHC hopes to bring alignment with recovery and rehabilitative approaches that are essential in high-impact and combat sports.