Feel The Power Of X-Bites

If you are a cannabis consumer and have a taste for edibles, you should check out one of Select’s latest offerings.

Select debuted its X Bites gummies at Hall of Flowers in December, launching the product line in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, and Nevada.

At the time, Select said that X Bites would soon become available in other states, including Massachusetts, Michigan, and California.

X Bites Have Landed

Coinciding with the launch of X Bites in California, I recently received some samples of the Orange Matter X Bites.

X Bites also come in Rainbow Upload and Strawberry Spacewalk flavors.

It’s been my experience that Select doesn’t miss when it comes to the flavor of its edibles.

Every Select product that I’ve tried has exhibited professional quality on multiple levels, including packaging, flavor, THC effects, and consistency.

Since ingestion is the first step to any edible experience, it is a good idea to make it as good as the high that comes afterward.

When it comes to Select’s products, I have nothing but good things to say about their flavors and the associated high.

I’m particularly fond of the Select Squeeze line of THC beverage enhancers, they’re incredible.

All of the Select gummies I have tried in the past have been very good, and the new X Bites are no exception.

The X Bites I sampled were a combination of a rich, sweet orange flavor with creamy undertones that brought back memories of eating Creamsicles as a child.

Perhaps Select may want to take the flavor of its Orange Matter X Bites and put it into a THC-infused, orange-coated vanilla ice cream bar.

I think that Cannabis Creamsicles (Cannabisicles?) are a great idea that would enhance Select’s product variety and expand the company’s offerings into a section of the legal market that few have touched yet.

THC-infused ice cream has been around for several years, but it has yet to take off in the legal cannabis market like gummies, beverages, or baked edibles have.

If you're looking for a strong edible with a quick onset of effects and amazing flavor, X Bites are here.

(Image: Select)

Pushing the Envelopes of Innovation and Technology

In December, Select CEO Joe Bayern noted that the company had introduced multiple new offerings during the previous year that satisfied unique consumer preferences and pushed the envelope of what is possible in cannabis.

“And we are exceptionally proud to introduce one of the most sophisticated edible products in the industry through Select X Bites,” said Bayern. “Select was one of the early pioneers of nano-emulsion technology in cannabis which made edibles more predictable—now we are raising the bar and offering customers the opportunity to enjoy more potent edible experiences without compromising the speed or duration of the onset time.”

Curaleaf SVP of Innovation Jessie Kater says Select X Bites utilize the company’s new encapsulation technology—a specially-engineered coating that protects the cannabinoids to maximize the absorption of every milligram.

“Encapsulation technology protects and delivers more THC into your body, resulting in a stronger and longer high,” says Kater. “Select X Bites use our new delivery technology that encapsulates the cannabinoids in a natural coating that shares a similar chemistry to our own cellular membranes allowing for a high level of bio-compatibility. This natural encapsulation allows for a faster, stronger and longer high than traditional edibles.”

Keter says Select X Bites utilize encapsulation technology, while Select Squeeze and Select Nano Bites use nanotechnology.

In regards to edibles, Kater says nanotechnology refers to the process of turning cannabis oil into tiny water-soluble molecules so that they absorb more rapidly and efficiently into the bloodstream.

“Select Nano gummies have the fastest onset for a cannabis gummy, slightly faster than our X-Bites. The difference is the nano gummies have a short duration of action compared to a classic gummies whereas X-Bites have a longer duration of action compared to traditional gummies,” says Kater. “Also, due to the metabolites formed, the nano gummies produce a more social buzz vs the highly potent X-Bites.”

Keter says the path of absorption is a crucial factor in unlocking the power of X-Bites gummies.

“The THC in Select X Bites have been coated in a natural, bio-mimicking lipid barrier making each molecule more recognizable by your body as something it can absorb,” says Kater. “This means that the edible onset is stronger, steadier, and faster, which helps you control your high – not the other way around.”

As with any ingested cannabis products, Kater says it’s important to be aware of how much THC you are consuming and your personal limits.

“Select X Bites contain 10mg of THC,” says Kater. “But since they have a faster and stronger onset, we recommend these edibles for seasoned cannabis users.”

With X Bites now available in the legal cannabis market, Kater says Select has a rich pipeline of new edible products for the cannabis market in 2022.

“On top of new form factors, we will be featuring a wider variety of cannabinoids in our edible line up to give consumers more choice over the type of experience they are looking for,” says Kater. “We also continue to push the boundaries on formulation technologies that optimize the effects and performance of our edible products to give consumers ultimate control of their experience.”