First Active Duty Marine With Permission to Use MMJ

Sean J. Major is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who has suffered 4 traumatic brain injuries in his tours overseas. Sean is fighting for the use and acceptance of Marijuana within the military. His love and connection for the United States military began when he was just a young man, and despite his personal battle with PTSD, he continues to help others with his participation in the Wounded Warrior Battalion.

Sean is the first active duty United States Marine with permission to use medical marijuana. He currently uses medical cannabis to treat his injuries, and is using his experience to educate and help veterans who need assistance.

Sean is working towards creating a program that will house veterans and teach them critical life skills, like how to cultivate cannabis. The program, Eden After Service will be a safe haven and suicide prevention camp.

After all of his hard work, service, and dedication to fellow veterans, we’re hurt to find out that Sean is facing homelessness within the next few weeks. At a time like this, anything helps. You can donate to his program startup, Eden After Service by visiting

Stay tuned for our next issue to read an interview with Sergeant Sean J. Major!