Four Reasons Online Reviews Are Important Tools to Grow Your Business or Brand

Simple access to the internet has dramatically changed the way people shop today for just about everything, even cannabis. 

From dispensaries to CBD, making a buying decision blindly is uncommon, without consumers navigating through numerous online reviews. 90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding on a company or product. 

However, 94% of online shoppers said a bad review so negatively influenced them that they decided not to buy from the company.

This means that whatever cannabis business you decide to be in, it gives you many significant benefits to have a successful online presence, which is why it’s becoming a key part of any successful marketing strategy.

Knowing why you need online feedback helps you improve your customer experience to build a positive online footprint. Let’s analyze four reasons why the interactions with your brand reported by your customers are vital.

Technology is more than just automation; it can enhance human interaction   

  1. We are more likely to make a purchase if people around us – including strangers – believe that it is a smart choice. Social validation drives purchases. Today, online reviews are a growing source of brand success and clearly affect sales.

People are the most effective key to marketing your brand and business

  1. Good branding means that you are recognizable. That means online too.  

Most shoppers look at Google and Yelp search engines, or even Facebook when they decide what to purchase. Such sites all have their specific ways of displaying content, but fresh, innovative content and active consumer engagement will undoubtedly fuel the search engines to favor your brand.

Sales are no longer about selling but building trust and educating 

  1. Online feedback will make the business look more trustworthy. Cannabis companies can, at the same time, create identity and reputation through consistent positive reviews. Many shoppers are flat out, avoiding companies with reviews that fall below four stars. This leaves minimal margin of error at the top, but cannabis businesses with higher average ratings are much more likely to see views converted into more traffic and sales.

More sales aren’t the main thing; it is the only thing  

  1. Reviews have a direct influence on sales; there is a growing set of data that shows that more positive review ratings do lead to higher revenue. 

A Harvard School of business study found that online feedback can have a quantifiable effect on the bottom line. Brands that are regarded favorably have greater sales, which can have a positive impact on your profits. According to the report, a one-star improvement on popular review engine could result in a 5%-9% sales increase.