Glass House Farms Fuses Science & Nature with ‘Grower’s Choice’ Launch

By Justin Bernstein

Cannabis consumers have fought for decades over whether indoor-grown or outdoor-grown cannabis cultivation produces the highest quality flower. On one side, the ability to totally control the environment indoors allows growers to be more precise, but the benefits of natural sunlight, plus cost and sustainability advantages, convinces others that outdoors is the way to go.

Today, new agriculture technologies and evolving state cannabis markets are bringing to light the possibilities of a “best of both worlds” scenario, where growers can use both science and nature to produce the most ideal crops.

Glass House Farms, the cultivation and flower brand of Glass House Group, one of the fastest-growing, privately-held, vertically integrated cannabis and hemp companies in the U.S., announced the launch of Grower’s Choice, a limited edition line of ultra-high-quality, sun-grown cannabis flower available at a favorable price when compared to similar indoor-grown cannabis. By utilizing state-of-the-art greenhouses, Glass House Farms is able to capitalize on the benefits that Mother Nature has to offer while still conducting precision agriculture.

“The finest flower powered under the California sun”

“Grower’s Choice fuses science and nature with the art of cannabis cultivation, technology, genetics and fortunate weather conditions to produce the finest flower powered under the California sun,” said Glass House Farms Founder Graham Farrar. “These limited batches of our greenhouse-grown flower are not only best-in-class, but also embody our belief about what top-tier cannabis is.”

Farrar has years of experience bringing new concepts to market in emerging industries, and was on the ground floors of companies such as Sonos and He is now merging his technology background with a passion for cannabis, running a next-generation grow operation by using techniques such as water recapture, filtration, recycling and integrated pest management. His crops at Glass House Farms reap the benefits of a sunny Santa Barbara climate while maintaining precision agriculture in greenhouses to efficiently cultivate high-quality cannabis.

The first edition of Grower’s Choice has three batches, hand picked by the farm’s top cultivators. These include MAC 1, a bright green strain with an ultra-clean, smooth smoke, light, tart flavor and positive, uplifting high; Purple Gelato, the epitome of “purple” cannabis – a rich, creamy, sweet berry/grape flavor that provides a relaxing, but not sleepy effect; and Runtz, a highly sought-after strain that’s difficult to grow due to its amazing terpene profile, flaunting a candy-like grape flavor and aroma.

The new strains are available at Glass House Group retail locations, including The Pottery in Los Angeles, Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, Farmacy Santa Barbara and Farmacy Berkeley, and will be also offered to Cookies Los Angeles in Maywood, Cookies Melrose in Los Angeles and Dr. Greenthumb’s Los Angeles

“We’re proud to share Grower’s Choice with our family, our friends, and now you, our customers,” said Farrar. “We will continue to unveil additional Grower’s Choice editions only when our technical skills and nature’s gifts come together to produce flower that ticks every box, just like we believe that these batches do.”\