Glass House Farms’ second Grower’s Choice release champions sun-grown cannabis

Santa Barbara-based cannabis flower brand Glass House Farms announced this week the launch of their second line of Grower’s Choice, limited edition batches of ultra-high-quality, sun-grown cannabis flower available at a favorable price when compared to similar indoor-grown cannabis. By utilizing greenhouses and incorporating unique cultivation technologies, Glass House Farms is able to capitalize on the benefits that Mother Nature has to offer while still conducting precision agriculture.

Blending technical skills with nature’s gifts

Glass House Farms stands out amongst the crowd for its capacity to grow high-quality crops at a level comparable to premium indoor operations and represents the potential of sun-grown facilities.

The debate over whether indoor-grown or outdoor-grown cannabis cultivation produces the highest quality flower is evolving. There is no question that the ability to control the environment indoors allows growers to be more precise, but greenhouses with favorable climates in maturing state markets are producing a “best of both worlds” scenario, where growers can use both science and nature to produce the most ideal crops.

“We said that we would only release additional Grower’s Choice editions when our technical skills and nature’s gifts came together to produce flower that ticks every box, and we’re keeping our word,” said Glass House Farms Founder Graham Farrar.

Using natural sunlight, while ensuring crops only receive the precise amount of resources necessary, allows Graham and his company to be more environmentally-friendly and lower costs at the same time.

Glass House Farms’ Do-Si-Dos strain cannabis plant

“We’re excited to share this incredible flower at an affordable price point with connoisseurs and challenge them to stack up this release against any similar indoor-grown cannabis products because it holds its own.”

Farrar, a Santa Barbara native, is considered a technology pioneer and was on the ground floors of companies including Sonos and His tech background and passion for cannabis led him to found Glass House Farms, implementing a next-gen operation with techniques such as precision agriculture, water recapture, filtration, recycling and integrated pest management.

Grown with “love and attention”

The second edition of Grower’s Choice has four batches, hand picked by the farm’s top cultivators. These include:

  • GMO: (garlic, mushroom & onion) an ultra-popular strain that is unusually pungent, rich in cannabinoids and good for relaxation
  • Do-si-do: an offspring of Girl Scout Cookies that brings on sense-heightened euphoria and physical activation
  • Flo White: a bright green, sativa-leaning cross between the mysterious White with DJ Short’s 90s masterpiece Flo that provides a high-energy, clear-headed effect
  • Papaya Punch: a terpene-heavy strain with strong mango, papaya and pineapple aromas

    Glass House Farms’ Grower’s Choice cannabis flower

“They are pure fire,” said Farrar. “Our growers’ love and attention once again produced truly outstanding, ultra-high quality, California-sun-grown batches.”

The new strains are available at Glass House Group retail locations, including The Pottery in Los Angeles, Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, Farmacy Santa Barbara and Farmacy Berkeley.