Green Flower Media To Offer New Cannabis Industry Certification Courses

Southern California cannabis education company, Green Flower Media is preparing to develop a series of new cannabis certification programs, building on their existing library of informational materials and industry coursework.

On Wednesday Green Flower announced the closing of a $20 million Series A financing round to help expand their team and subscription service as well as develop new original content and additional certification programs.

“There is nothing more important in the evolving cannabis industry than education,” Says Green Flower Media Co-Founder and COO Stephanie Graziano. “Green Flower is dedicated to creating smarter consumers, better-educated sales teams, and smartly scaled businesses. The quality of our production and the experts who contribute knowledge and education is unmatched.”

Cannabis Business, Medical Applications of Cannabis, Regulations & Compliance, Extraction, and Sales are among the new certification programs that Green Flower will offer.

Content from global cannabis experts will be available through the company’s online streaming service via four new channels; Cannabis for Wellness & Health, Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Business, and Growing Cannabis & Hemp.

The content will also be available through a new mobile app in the coming weeks.

As part of the raise, Green Flower plans to hire 50 new employees for a variety of positions within the company, and will be offering jobs in sales, marketing, operations, and higher education as well as in the in-house production team for instructional designers, content producers, technical writers, and a vice president of content.

“With this raise, we are moving forward in our sole mission to educate the world about cannabis,” says Co-Founder and CEO Max Simon. “If cannabis was just discovered today in our modern society, without its colorful past, we would celebrate this plant as among the most important medical discoveries of the 21st Century.”

Green Flower, which is based in Ventura, currently offers more than 2,000 hours worth of educational and training content focused on the various aspects of cannabis and the science and industry surrounding it.