Green Mill Unveils Double-Capacity Extractor To Meet Growing Demand For Concentrates

There is an increasing demand for cannabis concentrates and cannabidiol (CBD) products in the United States.

Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics anticipate that retail sales of cannabis concentrates will reach $8 billion by 2022, and CBD product sales will hit $20 billion by 2024.

To help producers meet the growing demand for extracted cannabis oils, Pittsburgh-based Green Mill Supercritical (Green Mill) on Tuesday unveiled a new extraction machine called the Parallel Pro.

Green Mill says the new machine is designed to increase production capacity and maintain the precision and control needed to produce high-quality extracts.

According to Green Mill CEO Wes Reynolds, other extraction machines on the market increase production capacity through the cheap and easy approach of up-sizing components while sacrificing precision, control, and efficiency.

Reynolds says that companies will generally increase production by building larger components like pumps, heat exchangers, and vessels for extraction and collection, but such practices require more time and electricity per pound of processed biomass.

“Our customers are working in a constantly changing market, where legislation, changing preferences, increasing adoption rates, and newly opening markets impact demand and the bottom line every day,” says Reynolds. “We developed the Parallel Pro with this challenge in mind by creating a machine that allows for increased capacity to scale as a manufacturer’s market grows, and pivot when it changes.”

Reynolds says that the Parallel Pro’s footprint is slightly larger than Green Mill’s SFE Pro, but doubles what the machine can do at a very attractive price point.

According to Green Mill, the new machine has a peak flow rate of one kilogram per minute, a maximum of 6,000 PSI, can process at least 130 pounds in 24 hours, and can perform four additional labor-free extractions per week in Weekender Mode.

The Parallel Pro also incorporates a 3D-printed heat exchanger, which heats CO2 directly and boosts condition accuracy in the system.

Green Mill says that the laboratory-grade Parallel Pro maintains the company’s attention to detail and commitment to improvement as the latest offering in a series of innovations that are currently in development.