Group Rallies For Legal Cannabis At Connecticut Capitol

In 2012, medicinal cannabis was legalized in Connecticut when Governor Dan Malloy added his signature to Public Act No. 12-55, An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana. Adult-use marijuana is not currently legal in the state, but there are people actively working to change state law.

Dozens of cannabis supporters and activists took to the sidewalks in front of the state capitol Sunday to show support for HB 5394, a bill to legalize marijuana in the state for adults 21 and older who want to grow and consume it.

Participants in the demonstration waved to passing cars, holding pro-legalization signs that touted marijuana’s benefits and called for its legalization. Normalization of marijuana, crime reduction, health benefits, and tax money for the state were some of the cannabis-positive messages being displayed at the rally.

“Denver is booming. They’ve got money for the schools, they’ve got money for infrastructure, they’ve got a low tax base,” said Windsor Locks resident Robin Doiron in an interview with FOX 61. “This will help the economy tremendously. It’s gonna bring a whole bunch of money in.”

Connecticut’s Joint Committee on Appropriations passed HB 5394 with a 27 to 24 vote in early April, but must still be approved by the General Assembly before it lands on Governor Malloy’s desk for his signature.