High Times High Failed

By Medicinal Mike Boris

IG: @medicinal_mike

The City of San Bernadino is denying High Times a cannabis event permit for their annual 420-festival at the NOS Events Center. The event is typically attended by over 200,000 eager cannabis consumers easily spending over a million dollars at the three day event.

The event itself is usually one of the main revenue streams for most canna-business’ launching themselves into the new cannabis industry.

Who is to blame? Is it the voters who passed Proposition 64? Is it San Bernadino on an anti-cannabis tirade? The event Kushstock produced by “Dr. K.” and “Vader” extracts seemed to flow seamlessly on March 31, 2018. Then why the last minute cancellation?

The county law in place requires 60 days between the event. The High Times organizers applied just 72 hours before the event was denied on April 18. High Times announced Wednesday at midnight that the permits were not there, coincidently the same time refunds were not permitted.

High Times Adam Levin according to “Cannabis Now” article by Greg Zeman, is taking the news in stride and still has not released a public statement. The delay in releasing information will no doubt cost its vendors thousands in revenue and time. Vendors sit in the dark as well as attendees wondering why there is no official word from High Times staff.

Unfortunately mega-events like High Times, and the recent Las Vegas Hemp Fest run by Mike Houlihan rarely tend to claim responsibility for revenue and time lost by its participants. There is no legal recourse for cannabis community members in situations like this.

The most frustrating part for people is that the laws, agreeable or not, have placed parameters for us to follow to allow these events to take place like the successful Kushstock event. But when the rules are not adhered to the situation can become devastating for those that put their trust in events like these and depend on them for income and a good time.

We hope all of you find a great way to legally celebrate your 420 holiday.