Higher Etiquette: Minding your Ps & Qs as Cannabis Culture Evolves

We all impact others when we shop for and consume cannabis, from your budtender at the local dispensary to your roommate. Even when we sesh with friends – or perhaps especially then – we should be considerate of those around us. So I wanted to share some recommended reading for everyone, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties, by Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute and available from Amazon ($12 Kindle / $18 hardcover).

While the name Emily Post is synonymous with etiquette, pot was decidedly not polite conversation – until very recently. As medical marijuana and recreational cannabis become legal across the US, Emily’s great-great-granddaughter, Lizzie Post, has emerged as cannabis culture’s leading expert on purchasing, consuming, and sharing politely.

Have you ever wondered how much to tip a delivery driver? Maybe you’re unsure how to handle smoking when family comes to town. When is a passed joint officially spent? Is it polite to decline a product you don’t want to try? (I’m not going to answer these questions, except to say that it’s always okay to say no, to anything you don’t want to consume. Post has next-level tips for how to do so graciously.) It’s a great idea to brush up on your weediquette if you’re celebrating a special event with a cannabis-centered gathering. I was especially riveted by the advice for hosting an infused pairing party and thrilled to learn that my “guest canna-kit” for overnight company is up to par!

My 420-friendly guests arrive to a little of everything: something to smoke, vape, and eat, plus accessories. When the munchies hit, they appreciate the snacks! I’ve done this for as long as I’ve had a room to host friends and family – but legalization has certainly widened the selection.

Post also discusses several topics that don’t strictly fall into the realm of manners. From a crash course in concentrates to an introduction to terpenes, Higher Etiquette offers an educational and engaging take on cannabis culture. For those who have been in the industry a while or are already cannasseurs, it might be a little 101 is some sections. I admit I skimmed the anatomy of a cannabis plant, but I was impressed she didn’t fall back on old tropes about indica versus sativa. From manners to botany, Post offers an informed and nuanced look at the evolution of 420 life.

That’s what we’re all trying to do, right? Make our way in this brave new world of legal weed! Whether it’s the bevy of product innovations, utilizing terpenes for self-care, or the growing science behind medical marijuana, the benefits and curiosities in the cannabis realm seem infinite. With that might come a little uncertainty… or a lot of questions. I’m Courtney, and I’d love to navigate this evolving cannabis culture together. Send your questions to high.court@partyon.tours. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it – and share it in an upcoming blog on Candid Chronicle.