Holistic Industries Launches Cannabis Payment And Reward App

A multi-state cannabis operator has launched a new app that features cashless payments and rewards.

Holistic Industries (Holistic) has announced the launch of Liberty Wallet, which the company says focuses on patient and customer needs.

Holistic says that there are other cashless payment technologies for the cannabis industry, but they do not provide incentives for customers to not carry cash.

Liberty Perks

According to Holistic, Liberty Wallet gives money back in the form of credits.

Liberty Wallet is free for downloading on Apple and Android devices, and users can connect it to their bank to purchase credits.

For a limited time, Liberty Wallet will add 20 percent in credits to the customer’s account when they transfer money.

Depending on how much customers continue to spend, they will get 1-25 percent back when they redeem credits at Liberty.

There are also three perk levels when customers spend $250, $500, and $750 in a month.

Perks will vary by month and location.

In addition to transferring funds and using credits for purchases, Liberty Wallet allows users to check inventory at Liberty locations and view their transaction history, transfers, and earned credits.

“We take our mission to be the best place to work, shop, and invest in cannabis seriously, and Liberty Wallet gives customers one more very compelling reason to shop with us,” says Holistic CIO and CTO John Brown. “Every loyalty program you see is all about trying to get the customer loyal to the business, but we built Liberty Wallet so we can be loyal to the customer as well.”

Brown says that Holistic wanted to distinguish itself to draw customers in an increasingly competitive market.

Holistic says discovered that it could accomplish its goal through technology and innovation.

Brown says that Holistic provides a safe and secure way for cannabis consumers to “get the most out of their shopping experience at Liberty.”