How To Add Cannabis to Your Daily Routine


To reap the benefits of cannabis, you should consume it regularly by incorporating it into your daily routine. The stresses and tasks of daily life can sometimes get in the way of smoking, or otherwise consuming cannabis, but never fear! Here are several ways to avoid exactly that…






  • Start your day with a wake and bake, using a high-energy cultivar like Green Crack or Durban Poison. *Note: It’s also a great idea to have a nice playlist to listen to when you smoke and greet the day.

  • For an extra pick-me-up, add a dropper (or a few drops) of a tincture of THC and/or CBD to your morning coffee or tea.

  • Apply cannabis topicals to any painful areas, such as muscles or joints, after your morning shower. *Note: The skin contains more CBD receptors than any other system in the body…so slather up!

  • Send yourself a Lil lunch treat by packing an edible to enjoy later.


Cannabis leaf animation with ionic compound icon on the leaf





  • Still occupied and on the go during the pandemic? Spark up a pre-roll. Not only are they a great way to taste the full flavor of your cannabis flower, pre-rolls don’t require any extra tools (besides fire) or skills, since the rolling is done for you, hence the name…PRE–ROLLed.

  • For an extra relaxing afternoon, enjoy a cannabis soda, tea, beer, or infused beverage with your lunch. We’ve tried MANY and some are YUM others are not so much…more on that later in reviews!

  • Using a compact and discrete vaporizer is the best way to dose on the go when around judgy co-workers, family, or the general public. Vape pens even come in some nifty designs (my fav is one that looks EXACTLY like a car key fob) to make your cannabis consumption ultra concealed while you’re on the go.

  • For safe, quick cannabis consumption and controlled dosing, pop a THC capsule in your mouth, and swallow.


  • To encourage better sleep, take more THC and/or CBD tincture prior to bed. CBN vapes are also becoming increasingly popular as a sleep aide.



You’ll want to take a regular dose of cannabinoids to encourage optimum overall health and wellbeing!


The easiest way to ingest cannabis is to add cannabis to your everyday routine starting with low doses and going slow with the frequency of doses, and increasing the dose and/or frequency slowly over time. It is simple to integrate cannabis into your current daily routine without having to make any significant changes.  By finding ways to add cannabis into your daily routine you will be much less likely to forget it because you will start to see the effects of relief that only come from obtaining homeostasis in the body.