How to Grow Cannabis as a Houseplant

With legalisation spreading around the world, one doesn’t necessarily have to buy from associations or other businesses, or grow it in the farm.  One can grow marijuana in the comfort of one’s own home. The nice thing about indoor cultivation is it can be done all year anywhere in the world regardless of climate.  Plus houseplants are cool. They make your apartment prettier and they help freshen up the air. Plus with legalisation spreading, why not grow in your own home?

Growing marijuana as a houseplant is easy.  Most articles on indoor growing focus on large scale operations.  But that’s unnecessary for someone who just wants enough for personal use, or for someone who just wants to start out small before they are ready.  It’s very simple to start out. Before one does anything else, one should select the seeds one intends to plant. Certain cannabis strains are better adapted to growing indoors, such as OG Auto Kush.  OG Auto Kush is not only easy to grow, it is a very relaxing indica strain. One should definitely buy seeds from a reputable seller in order to know what the THC content will be and whether one is getting indica or sativa.  One should take note of the differences between sativa and indica. Indica is more of a relaxer or downer, while sativa is more of an upper. Indica deeply relaxes the muscles and the body as a whole, not just one’s mind. Sativa increases the thoughts of an user.  So depending on the effects one intends to have, one choose which type of cannabis one wants to grown in one’s home, and picks a variety that is suited to indoor growing.

Go to any place that sells standard potting soil.  Place potting soil in small plastic containers. They can be seed starting containers, or one can use used yogurt or other desert containers or disposable plastic cups that you have punched holes in.  Place soil in and put the marijuana seeds in. Water the seeds, and place the new little plots in parts of your home that get good sunlight, or where you have reasonably bright indoor lights. Monitor the plants regularly and make sure the soil doesn’t entirely dry out between waterings, but do not over water. Make sure the plants receive more than 12 hours of light to prevent early flowering.  Marijuana plants flower when they receive less than 12 hours of light, as it is the flower that one uses, it’s important not to let the plants flower too early or else the quality of one’s harvest is substantially reduced.

Of course to get better yields one should fertiliser one’s cannabis plants.  In this day of sustainability, there are a number of organic fertilisers one can use to fertilise one’s cannabis houseplants.  Diluted coffee can be used as fertiliser.  Simply dilute the old coffee with water till it looks like tea, and water your plants with it.  As long as your tea bags are biodegradable, you can place used tea bags or used tea around your marijuana plants to fertilise them.  Tea leaves are high in nutrients and are excellent fertilisers for cannabis as a houseplant.  Coffee grounds are another household waste product one can use to fertilise one’s cannabis.  Particularly as plants have to be repotted, coffee grounds can even be mixed into the soil or sprinkled on top.  If you have an aquarium, you have to periodically change the water your fish live in. This water is an excellent fertiliser for cannabis plants.  One can crush eggs shells and use them to fertiliser cannabis plants.  Banana and citrus peels can be pureed in a blender and used to water cannabis plants.  As the fruit peels decompose they will give off nutrients. Then there’s urine as fertiliser.  Direct urine would burn the roots of the plants, but if it is diluted with at least 10 parts water to one part urine (and ideally more water) the plants will grow just fine with their natural fertilisers.

Growing cannabis indoors can be a fun exercise in sustainability, and for recreational users obviously the final product is fun.  It’s actually pretty simple and not at all complex. Now that it’s legal in many areas I would definitely recommend more people try it.  This research was made possible by Candid Chronicle.