Humboldt County To Receive $1 Million In Equity Funding

Humboldt County will receive a sizeable equity funding grant from the state of California.

The County of Humboldt has announced that it was awarded $1,055,870 in funding by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development in partnership with the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

The funding is part of the California Cannabis Equity Grants Program (CEG), which accepted applications during March 2021.

According to the County, the funding is to be administered through one of three of Humboldt’s local cannabis-focused Project Trellis equity programs.

Humboldt County’s local cannabis cultivation tax, Measure S, funds Project Trellis’ other two tiers—the Cannabis Business Micro-Grant Program and the Humboldt County Cannabis Marketing Program.

The Project Trellis Committee recommends local project awards funding, for which Humboldt County is currently finalizing contracts to provide the program’s services.

The County says the funds will provide assistance through grants, reduce or waive fees, and help with licensing and regulatory requirements.

“Our office is pleased to continue to support this program which is critical to the success of our cannabis industry,” says Humboldt County Director of Economic Development Scott Adair. “Programs like these will also be crucial to our post-COVID economic recovery. These funds will aid in the county’s efforts to stimulate local livelihoods and to create prosperity for Humboldt County residents.”

The goal of the state equity program and the CEG program is to advance economic justice for communities and populations that have been disproportionately affected by cannabis criminalization.

The state equity program provides funding to local jurisdictions committed to promoting equity in the legal cannabis industry.

The latest grant marks the third time Humboldt County has received grant funding, having received $4.7 million since 2019.

Humboldt County is one of ten cities and counties selected to receive grant funding in 2021.