Illegal Cannabis Grows Found In Edmond, Oklahoma City

A call from an Oklahoma landscape designer to an Edmond property owner led local authorities to an illegal marijuana ring spread throughout the metro, according to police.

Roland Alejandro Ruiz, 43, and John Arencibia Morales Jr., 31, are facing charges of marijuana cultivation and firearm possession while committing a felony after it was discovered that they had turned a garage into an illegal cannabis grow.

The investigation commenced on March 15 when a landscape worker called the landlord of the Ricks Trail residence, having smelled the strong scent of cannabis coming from the garage, which had holes drilled in its brick wall to serve as ventilation.

The landlord informed Ruiz one week later that a home inspection had been set up the next day to assess the damage, which was in violation the rental agreement. According to the affidavit, the review, accompanied by Edmond Police, uncovered a large commercial cannabis growing operation in the transformed garage on the following afternoon.

The police confirmed to the Oklahoma Bureau of Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics that the address is not associated with an official growing license.

According to the affidavit, a police search uncovered 42 marijuana plants, marijuana jars, a semi-automatic pistol, and growing equipment. During the investigation, Ruiz and Morales were not present.

The inquiry led to three more Ruiz-linked houses.

Police searched the house at Black Forest Road near Edmond Interstate 35 and Rockwell Avenue in Oklahoma City. According to police, Both residences housed illegal cultivation operations.

Morales was found at the house on Rockwell. He told officers that he was recruited from Florida to work and grow for Ruiz. He had thought that they were operating legally.

During the execution of the search warrant, the police found out a large black plastic container of almost 11 pounds of marijuana, 134 pre-rolling marijuana cigarettes, 3 buckets of cannabis wax and various weighing and packaging instruments. According to a probable cause affidavit, the police also found 1,230 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, 479 young marijuana plants, 37 mature plants, a loaded rifle, and identification papers during the March 25 search.

Ruiz confirmed his stay at Post Road during a call with Edmond Police to inquire that his dog was housed at an animal shelter on March 26. When told about the search, Ruiz said he had a medical marijuana card.

The officer told Ruiz that a person cannot possess the amount of marijuana found in the home. Ruiz then said that his attorney could be directed at any further questions.

In addition to the felony intention of distributing charges based on his commitment to the other households, Ruiz was charged with cultivating marijuana and owning a firearm on July 2.

Police issued arrest warrants for Morales and Ruiz on July 2.

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