Illegal Cannabis Grows Rise With Licensing Increase

While many people have followed the rules since adult-use cannabis sales began in January 2018, the unlawful cultivation and sale of the plant continues to jeopardize those who abide by the law.

State licenses were first issued in 2018, however statistics for that year aren’t accessible because they were issued as temporary licenses.

The first data sets were released in 2019 when 12-month annual and provisional licenses were issued via online licensing systems.

Licenses are valid for one year, after which they can be renewed for another twelve months.

Marijuana is legal for adult-use in 18 states and Washington, D.C., and medical cannabis use is legal in 37 states.

New Mexico, Virginia, and Connecticut were the most recent states to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Campaign Against Marijuana Planting has enlisted the help of more than 110 law enforcement agencies since its inception in 1983, making it one of the largest law enforcement task groups in the country.

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