IND HEMP Unveils Hemp Hurd Animal Bedding

A Montana hemp company has unveiled its new animal bedding product at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

On Wednesday, Fort Benton-based IND HEMP announced the launch of its All Walks animal bedding, made from premium hemp hurd.

Hurd is the woody inner core of the hemp plant and is useful in making spill kits for the oil and gas industry and filler for bioplastics and bio-composites.

The new bedding, which comes in 6.5L (compressed-$7.99) and 13L (compressed-$11.99) sizes, is part of IND HEMP’s All Walks brand of hemp-based pet products.

Focusing on quality, IND HEMP says it cleans, de-dusts, and classifies the All Walks bedding fill material before compression bagging it for retail.

Family-owned IND HEMP says it is a mission-driven agricultural and environmental company that has built processing infrastructure to scale the domestic supply of industrial hemp food, feed, and fiber ingredients and materials.

The company says it focuses on supporting family farms in Montana and across the west, adding value to the agriculture supply chain and supporting communities.

“We are excited to be launching our All Walks Hemp Bedding at Global Pet Expo,” says IND HEMP Director of Brands and Marketing. “This product is a premium solution for conscious pet owners, and All Walks is the first domestically produced and retail packaged hemp hurd bedding to enter the marketplace with a scale to support industry adoption. We are looking forward to engaging with pet store owners and buyers small and large to offer them and their customers this exciting new product line.”

According to IND HEMP, the advantage in using hemp as animal bedding lies in the fact that it is natural, chemical-free, dust-free, compostable, good for animals, and good for the planet.

Additionally, the company says that industrial hemp grown at a commercial scale traps more atmospheric CO2 annually than a forest or other agricultural crop.

Through its All Walks brand, IND HEMP says it intends to maximize relationships with companies, manufacturers, and converters in a wide range of industries to develop it into an every-aisle-of-the-pet-store premium brand for conscious pet owners.

IND HEMP says its ingredients are suitable for manufacturing cat litter, dog beds, leashes, collars, toys, supplements, protein and food additives, and other products.