Jerz Cannabusiness

By Jordan Gesko
IG: @jordangesko

No doubt marijuana is a cash crop. New Jersey is preparing for a billion dollar industry starting in 2018. There are over 9 million residents who live in New Jersey, and we have 98 million visitors per year. In Colorado, there are about 5.5 million people living there and about 77 million visitors per year.

Looking at those numbers New Jersey has almost double the amount of residents and has significantly more visitors per year. As a state, we will easily be able to double or triple the size of the cannabis industry in New Jersey compared to Colorado.

Thanks to the recent election, the goal is to get a bill that will legalize recreational cannabis through the legislative process and on Phil Murphy’s desk to sign within the first 100 days of him in office. It is expected to be the biggest cannabis industry in the country, behind California, which makes a lot of sense. We are known as the Garden State after all. There are currently five New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. We will see that number grow significantly in the next year, especially because of the potential of the adult use market blowing up. New Jersey Cannabusiness Association events make it easier for people who want to be involved in the industry to get together, network and exchange ideas. Events like these are important to grow the industry and are really what is going to make it happen. For people that live in New Jersey, I suggest you become a member of New Jersey Cannabusiness Association if you want to be involved with the industry. There are different levels of memberships, and by being a member, you will belong to a growing trade association.

A membership will provide the necessary information and contacts to help you succeed in the emerging cannabis industry in New Jersey. I am currently a grassroots member. I get newsletters and invites to all the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association events at a discounted rate. I went to their event earlier this year in September. There was a good mix of about 400 people. They had celebrities, politicians and local dispensaries there talking. It was really nice to be there and to see this happening in New Jersey.

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